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Blondpro: The Unexpected Secret Ingredient to Repairing Damaged Curly Hair

Blondpro: The Unexpected Secret Ingredient to Repairing Damaged Curly Hair

There are a lot of ‘cure-all’ products being sold for curly hair these days. These products promise to restore your much missed spirals that have been damaged and won’t curl properly. But do any of them deliver on their promises? Do any of them restore your beloved bounce?

At Delilah Hair Studio, our lush little hairdressing salon on Lygon St in Brunswick East in Melbourne, we have an amazing treatment called Blondpro. Is Blondpro an unexpected secret ingredient in your curly cure? Yes. So why is it the best thing you can do for damaged hair that won’t curl? Well, the answer is found in its science.


How Blondpro Repairs Curly Hair

Most people think that disulphide bond builders (like Olaplex and Blondpro) can only be used for bleach blondes. Our golden (or silver) tressed friends are very lucky that this technology exists, but bleaching hair is only 20% of a disulphide builders use. It is also the holy grail for fixing dry, limp and coarse curly hair. Why? Read on my friends…

The way hair works internally is a tricky balance. Modern day processes like colouring, styling and being out in the weather can really mess with this balance. To explain the first miracle I will have to get scientific for a moment, but bare with me…

Inside your hair you have little links that are like a chain (disulphide bonds). These links determine whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly. In the case of curly hair, these little links get broken due to processes like colouring and heat styling. As a result, the hair is left limp and unable to curl properly.

Blondpro is an amazing treatment that restores and multiplies the links inside your hair shaft. It gives your curly hair that second chance at life, and the change is PERMANENT!

The treatment only takes about 10 minutes and is relatively inexpensive. You even get a take home product to keep the disulphide bonds in your replenished curly hair strong and resistant to further damage.


Why Blondpro is Better than the Rest

Now, you are probably asking what makes Blondpro so special, particularly as there are other disulphide bond builders on the market. Blondpro, in my experience, is the only disulphide bond builder that can:

  • Remove coarseness from your curls
  • Repair the hair’s cuticle for softer, manageable and tangle free curls
  • Strengthen the external structure of the hair shaft to resist further damage

I have tried other bond builders for the purpose of curl repair, and let me tell you, Blonpro is the only product I have found to go all the way in terms of strength, curl pattern repair and softness.

One of the major benefits thats sets Blondpro from the rest of the disulphide bond builder market is Blondpro’s ability to help with frizz. After having a Blondpro treatment, your hair will feel much more tame and tangle free, as the product is actually repairing the internal and external structure of your hair!

Blondpro can be done as part of your hair colouring service or done as a standalone treatment!

To experience this amazing curl restoration for yourself, please BOOK ONLINE with us today, or call us at the studio on 9387 6744.


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