Best Curly Hair Products

Curl queens, Delilah has created the best curly hair products—just for you!

We specialise in cutting curly hair and we know how to style it for beautiful bounce and none of that dried out frizz. That’s why we developed our own range of the best curly hair products, which are designed to enhance and care for your curls.

Looking for the best curl defining products? The best cream for curls? The best curly hair products for frizz? The search is well and truly O-V-E-R.

The Delilah range of curly hair products has been tested to ensure your curls are kept moisturised, healthy, soft and naturally curly – just the way they are supposed to be! So wave goodbye to all those heavy, greasy products to hold curls that leave your locks limp and lifeless.

Say hello to the best curl defining and moisturizing creams on the market.

Delilah’s Best Defining and Moisturising Curl Creams

Delilah Peppermint Cream

If you want to achieve amazing curl definition, you need the original curl cream from Delilah, Peppermint Cream. Our specially formulated product is the best curl cream for hydration, softness and sculpting. The luxurious blend of peppermint essential oil, cacao butter, glycerin and sorbelene work together to care for your hair at the same time as helping you style your curls. Need the best moisturizing curl cream to eliminate frizz? You need this one.

Delilah Sea Salt Cream

Love the look of laid-back beachy waves, but can’t make it to a spot on the sand? The incredibly nourishing Sea Salt Cream from Delilah is designed to give your curls texture and volume, with plenty of bounce and no frizz in sight. For the best curl defining product, choose this luxurious cream. It’s formulated using organic sea salt, pink grapefruit and lime essential oils, shea butter, and sorbelene. For day-at-the-beach vibes!

Delilah Clay

Want to hold your curls longer? Delilah Clay is one of the best curl defining products you can find. This product does all the heavy lifting for you, holding your style all day every day without any frizz or fly-aways. Made with beeswax, grapeseed oil, cedarwood and cinnamon essential oils, and bentonite clay, the formula is hydrating as well as offering a strong hold. That means your hair will be shinier, softer, and healthier.

Why Choose Delilah Curly Hair Products

  • We are the curly hair experts – we know curls and we have used our extensive knowledge and experience to create products that work with your amazing hair.
  • Our beautiful products are environmentally friendly, and chock full of ingredients designed to protect your hair and our planet.
  • For every Delilah Cream sold, $1 goes to FVREE who run the Hair3Rs program. This program aims to teach hairstylists the 3Rs; how to Recognise, Respond and Refer their client who are experiencing domestic or family violence.

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