Afro Hair

As Melbourne’s curly hair experts, we’ve been serving up iconic Afro do’s for years. As a result, we’ve built up a hefty knowledge bank in lush Afro hairstyles that we’re begging to share with you. There’s not a coil we won’t cherish, from super fine and soft through to wiry and coarse Afro hair.

At Delilah we’re lovers not fighters. We steer clear of the hand to hand curl-combat, instead working in sync with your hairs’ natural kink. We’ll ensure your hair gets the gentle treatment it deserves while finessing a hectic head of curls that are guaranteed to steal your heart.

Our Afro hair styling expertise centre on nourishment and natural enhancement. Your strands will remain hydrated and free from damage – even during a fresh Afro hair colouring session.

The secret to Delilah’s enduring Afro do’s is an elite dry cut that makes the most of your hair in its natural state. The result is a fierce look that sticks with you, long after you leave our sweet little studio.

Afro Hair Cutting

During a Delilah afro haircut, we’ll give the basin a hard pass until after we have finished cutting. We want to approach your shaping session with your hair in its natural form. A dry cut allows us to reduce bulk and add texture with precision, structuring a style that complements your hair.

As we’re shaping and snipping, you can witness your hair realistically transform before your eyes. This is the perfect op to chime in with suggestions as we go to achieve a look that is deeply reflective of you and your ‘fro goals.

Afro Hair Colouring

Due to the fragile nature of some afro hair, our stylists take extra caution during styling sessions to prevent any harm or damage to your strands. We’ll keep the hydration flowing so your afro can rock whatever colour you desire.

We have a gift for freehand hair painting and lived in Afro hair colouring that takes dimension to the next level. You’d be amazed at the ability of a subtle highlight to bring an Afro to life.

Afro Hair Styles

Nothing provides the texture and volume of our Delilah-ettes dreams quite like an Afro. Our team cherish the opportunity to style your tight coils into a statement look.

Our ideology is centred on unleashing the natural movement of your hair. We go big, bold and beautiful to help you uncover the joy of your glorious locks. Whether you’re dreaming of a close cropped look or texturised bundle of curls, we’ve got the passion and expertise to make it a reality. You provide the vision, and we’ll do the rest.

We’ve even specially formulated our own Delilah Curl Styling Cream made for enlivening Afro hair!

Examples of Our Afro Hair Styles