Managing those fabulous curls can feel like solving the most intricate of puzzles. We’re here to guide you on your curly adventure, helping you unravel each conundrum with flair and finesse! Whether you’re diving into the world of curl cutting techniques, seeking sage advice on curl maintenance, or scouting for those perfect curl-loving products and colours, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Embark on a journey through our rich tapestry of Frequently Asked Questions. From unveiling the secrets of dry cuts to the upscale dos and don’ts of curly hair care and styling, we’ve got the A to Z of curl wisdom packed right here.

Curly Hair Cuts

The frequency of haircuts will depend on type of curl, type of style, and personal preference. Shorter styles will typically need to be maintained more regularly, while longer curly hair styles will allow for a bit more wriggle room in between cuts. However, hair cuts are good for your hair and can make your hair healthier in the long run, so we recommend having your hair cut at least once every couple of months to remove split ends, manage frizz and flyaways, and keep your look sharp!

Curly hair is best cut using the dry cutting technique because curly and wavy hair loses its shape when wet. This makes it more difficult for the stylist to know what the end result will look like. Dry hair cutting gives you control throughout the styling experience and can ensure you get the final look you want. Additionally, dry cutting protects fragile hair and results in less hair loss during the styling process.

We specialise in dry hair cutting and always recommend that curly and wavy hair be cut dry. This is because it allows the stylist to work with your hair in its natural state, so that your hair’s unique shape and volume can be seen throughout the styling process.

Well, we might be biased, but we truly believe that we are the best curly hair stylists in Melbourne! We have been cutting, colouring and styling curly hair for over fifteen years and we love working with curly haired queens to make them feel incredible.

If you’re looking for the best hairdresser in Brunswick East, look no further. Delilah Hair Studio has been operating since 2007, with three guiding principles: passion, creativity and an absolute love of hair. We have the most experienced and dedicated staff in the business who are always working to learn more and improve their skills. Our gorgeous salon, located on cosmopolitan Lygon St, is the perfect central location to come for your salon experience.

When it comes to caring for your curls, we believe curly hair should never be thinned out. This is because thinning shears can damage curly hair, leading to frizz, dryness, breakage and split ends. Instead, we believe in celebrating your bounce! Our experienced stylists can work with you to find a cut and style that works the best for your unique hair.

At Delilah, we don’t use thinning shears on curly hair. That’s because this technique damages the hair and can ruin your curl pattern. Instead, we recommend using layering to remove excess weight from curly hair.
We choose to celebrate curly hair in all its wonderful types and patterns. Our particular aesthetic is to bring out what your curl does naturally, rather than trying to force it into an unnatural style. So, while you can try to straighten a curly dry cut at home, it is not designed for this. Your may not sit as you’d like it to when it’s straight. Our curly cuts are designed to be worn curly.

Curly Hair Colour

Balayage is a colouring technique that involves hand painting colour directly onto the hair strand, rather than using foils. It is the best technique for colouring curly hair because it allows your experienced colourist to work with the unique shape of your curls.
If you want coloured hair but don’t want the maintenance of regrowth and multiple trips to the salon, we recommend you try a balayage style. The natural look of balayage coloured hair means that the regrowth comes through gradually, without any harsh lines. It means you can go far longer between colouring, which is more time efficient and better for your hair!

Want your hair colour to last longer? Some tips for making your hair colour last as long as possible include:

  • Avoid washing your hair too regularly. Washing can strip out the new colour, making it seem flatter and meaning you will need a colour touch up sooner.
  • Avoid sun damage. Exposure to the sun can make your hair colour bleach and lighten, making blondes more brassy and dark tones less deep.
  • Protect your hair from styling damage. Use a specialised product when styling with heated tools, as these can interact with your colour and take out the body and shine.
  • Be careful when swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pools can damage and change hair colour.
  • Use hydrating hair care products. Products that add hydration can prolong your colour and make your hair softer, shinier and smoother.
  • Choose a colour specific shampoo. Purple shampoos can enrich blondes and prevent brassiness.

Curly Hair Care

Wondering how to care for your curly hair and keep it looking healthy and gorgeous? We have some tips for curly hair care.

  • Avoid over-washing your hair and don’t use any harsh brushes or styling tools which pull on the hair – this will only lead to breakage and frizz.
  • Protect your hair from the sun and other heat damage from styling tools.
  • Take care of your scalp with sun protection and use a pH balancing hair product.
  • Invest in some quality haircare products that are designed to enrich curly hair.
  • Care for your hair while you sleep by using a silk pillowcase or a scarf over your hair at night.

We recommend washing curly hair no more than every second day, and only once or twice a week if you can! Curl queens will know that curly hair is more prone to dryness than other types of hair, and washing can strip the natural oils and moisture out of your hair. Washing with a specialised curly shampoo and conditioner, and using hydrating and cleansing products, can keep your hair clean, soft and healthy.

It’s important that people with curly hair use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to hydrate the hair and protect it from damage. At Delilah, we stock the amazing range of shampoos and conditions from O&M, who make products for all hair types. We recommend their Original Shampoo and Condition, which uses Australian River Mint and Peppermint Oil to infuse your hair with moisture, Hydrate & Conquer, which is perfect for dry and damaged hair, and Fine Intellect, which adds volume and texture to lightweight hair.

The best way to style curly hair is the way that makes you feel amazing! But if you’re frustrated by your unpredictable curls, we have some tips to make them a little more manageable. The Delilah Curl Creams are perfect for simultaneously caring for your hair and creating amazing style. Our cream products infuse your hair with moisture for added softness and shine, as well as creating extra definition for your curls and amazing volume and bounce. Simply apply a small amount of Delilah Curl Cream to clean and damp hair, spread in sections from tips to roots, and allow to dry naturally or diffuse dry on medium heat.

Using styling tools that use heat can be a great way to achieve different styles, but it’s important that you care for your hair so that these tools don’t cause damage. Use a heat protection spray and thoroughly coat your hair before use. Always make sure your tools are clean. Where possible, don’t use them on the highest heat setting. Make sure your hair is well cared for and hydrated before using heat styling tools.

Curly Hair Products

When it comes to styling and caring for curly hair, always remember that curly, wavy and Afro hair is literally built different! It doesn’t grow the same way as straight hair, so you can’t use the same straight hair products. Products that are designed for curly hair will enhance your natural curls, add volume and definition, and also care for your beautiful curls to avoid dryness and frizz.

Yes! Sea salt spray is perfect for styling curly hair. We have two Delilah products which include sea salt to enhance and define your curls. Ever noticed how your hair looks amazing after a day swimming at the beach? Salt works to provide greater volume to curly hair, making your curls more pronounced.

Cream hair styling products infuse your hair with moisture, giving your hair a healthy softness and shine as well as allowing you to style your hair. Creams can also deliver the strong hold that you can get from a gel, with the added bonus of conditioning ingredients that are good for your hair.

General FAQ

Booking an appointment at Delilah Hair Studio is super simple. You can book online quickly and easily, comparing your calendar with ours! Book online now.

Our prices vary depending on the service you’re after, and the stylist you’d like to book. We have a comprehensive pricelist available here. It should have all the information you need.

If you’re new to our studio, we require a $70 deposit to book an appointment. All new clients are required to book online. This deposit is deducted from the cost of your visit on the day and is fully refundable if your appointment is cancelled/rescheduled 72 hours prior to your appointment.

To make sure that you get the day and time that suits you best, we recommend booking an appointment as early as possible. Our online bookings open 3 months ahead of time. At the end of each week we open up the next 7 day block of appointments.

48 hours notice is required before the cancellation or rescheduling of any appointment.

  • If an appointment is rescheduled within this time frame the deposit is withheld and a new one is required and attached to the future booking (if we fill the appointment space the withheld deposit will be added as a credit)
  • If an appointment is cancelled within this time frame the deposit is withheld and a new one is required if you’d like to make a future booking (if we fill the appointment space you will get the withheld deposit as a credit)
Absolutely! We love when our clients bring in photos of their dream hairstyles and colours. Your hair is a canvas, and these visuals help us understand your vision and preferences more clearly.

All of our haircutting work is done dry where necessary. Our curly haircuts are always done dry. Please arrive with your hair clean (washed the night before) and left to dry naturally with minimal product. Once we have cut your hair, we will give you a fantastic wash, head massage and restyle your hair for you. For our wonderfully curly clients, please read our curly hair checklist before your appointment.

We sure do! Whether you’ve got the curliest afro, or the straightest of straight bangs, we can help. It’s also worth noting that we specialise in dry cutting at Delilah. Dry cutting offers several benefits, including enhanced precision in creating textured and personalised hairstyles. By cutting hair in its natural state, we can see how each strand falls and customise the cut to suit your unique hair texture and desired look. The result? A more tailored and flattering hairstyle.
Absolutely, we’d be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect hairstyle that complements your unique features, lifestyle, and personal style. Our highly trained stylists have a wealth of experience in hairstyling. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you receive expert advice. We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hairstyles. That’s why your appointment will start with a personal consultation. We’ll consider your face shape, hair texture, and your preferences to recommend styles that will enhance your natural radiance.

At Delilah Hair Studio, we are proud to work with and carry only the best in high quality, naturally-based products that nourish and care for your hair at the same time as delivering amazing results.

Just some of the brands we use include: O&M Hair Products, Muk Electricals, K18 and Davroe Chroma Colours.

We also have our very own range of Delilah Curl Creams that are all made in-house and sold through our online store or at the studio. All our Delilah Curl Creams are oh-so moisturising and designed specifically to style your curls and complement our dry-haircutting and curly hair cutting work.

There is plenty of parking easily available out front and in the side streets of the salon.
If you’re travelling along Lygon Street away from the CBD, we are on the right hand side in between Blyth Street and Albion Street in Brunswick East (not Carlton).