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A shared experience between MR.D and audience. He prides himself on fostering a collaborative, nurturing learning environment. Ideas and skills are shared through the passionate, heartfelt exchange of expertise, experience and understanding, and the classes are a whole bunch of bloody fun!

Curls are MR.D’s absolute passion! And dry-cutting them is the best way to expose all of their natural beauty. He can’t wait to show you the tips and tricks that has made Delilah such a curly success story! 

MR.D’s knack with curls is born from years of honing the skill of dry-cutting. He is so pleased to be able to bring you simple and easy steps to help you on your curly haired and dry-cutting journey.  Whether it’s the disco-fro, shags, bobs & bangs or your everyday curl, MR.D has a simple and easy technique to teach you how to get the best results with your clients natural texture!

Delilah Education & MR.D wholeheartedly believe in lifelong learning. Learning gives us all the power to challenge outdated concepts; to excite; to reach new heights; to create the best possible hair for our clients; and to grow in and of ourselves, and of course, have a load of fun along the way!

Want to discover dry-cutting? Or hone your curly hair styling skills? Or learn our very own balayage/freehand hair painting techniques?

Dry-cutting and curly colouring education sessions are run by MR.D. With 25 years of experience in both cutting and teaching, you couldn’t be in better hands. He has worked as an educator and advisor for some of the biggest brands in hair styling, including Sexy Hair LA, PPS Hairwear and Ozdare Australia as well as running education sessions from his studio in Brunswick East, hosting sessions with other fantastic educators such as the awesome Mousey Browne.

He is particularly interested in passing on techniques for dry-cutting, colouring and cutting and styling curly hair. People travel from all over Melbourne and even Australia to benefit from these techniques, and now you can learn them.

MR.D understands how terrifying it can be when a client walks in with curly hair that is just too hard to cut using conventional techniques. He is here to remove that fear and give you the tools and techniques you need to provide quality cuts, styles and colouring techniques for every single client that sits in your chair.

MR.D also hand makes his 3 famed Delilah Curl Creams from his Footscray studio, getting them into the curls of peeps all across the nation! 



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Our Education Programs

MR.D truly loves teaching. He is passionate about passing along his skills and experience to hairdressers all over Australia, which is why he has worked so hard to create all sorts of training plans. All of his training plans are designed to ensure you not only have the knowledge and understanding you need, but that you’re inspired to new hair styling heights.

The education programs focus on dry-cutting. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your new-found dry-cutting skills on all types of hair, from straight, right through to Afro. Or, if you’re looking to master the art of the curly cut, you can focus solely on curly hair. We’re more than happy to oblige. All of our education programs are outlined below. 


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One-on-One Training

Complete with personalised attention, our one-on-one training is perfect for upskilling a single stylist from your salon (or maybe even brushing up on your own skills). As the sole student, you get to enjoy our undivided attention. You’ll also have the option of working with a live model or a mannequin head. Just keep in mind that a live model will receive 1 – 2 haircuts, whereas a mannequin can handle 2 to 3 haircuts. One-on-one training sessions take place at our hair salon in Brunswick East and run for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. In this session you will learn:    

The investment for this session is $1400 + GST

Total Salon Education

No matter how big or small your salon might be, MR.D is more than happy to train your entire team on the art of dry-cutting and curly hair styling. Best of all, you can choose whether to visit our salon in Brunswick East or—even more conveniently—he can come to you! These sessions usually run from 3.5 to 4 hours and are super interactive. With 3 live models in attendance, this fun, hands-on session is tailored specifically for group learning. Together, we will cover: 

The investment for this session is $1400 + GST

Total Salon dry-cutting and Balayage/Freehand Hair Painting Class.

Become a textured hair dynamo with our dry-haircutting and freehand paint look and learn! Learn how to properly cut and colour curly hair! MR.D will come to your salon or you can come to  the Brunswick East studio! Learn the art of dry-haircutting and how to apply our very own balayage techniques to bring out the best in textured hair. In this class you will see a dry-cut and balayage/freehand hair paint on 2 live models from start to finish. In this class MR.D will cover :

The investment for this session is $1400 + GST

NEW! Zoom Training (International Only)

International dry-cutting enthusiasts! No matter where you are in the world lets connect! No better way to overcome the challenge of distance than by connecting via Zoom! MR.D runs an online session that is approx 2 hours in duration and suitable for groups and individuals. MR.D will demonstrate 2 to 3 haircuts on a mannequin head. In this session you will learn:

The investment for this session is $950 + GST

Curl & Dry-cutting Workshops

If you would like to get more hands on with your dry-cutting and curl education, MR.D runs a series of workshops tailored to you and your team. It is recommended that you do a look-&-learn session first and then rebook to do a workshop. Our Delilah workshops are run with either real models or mannequin heads and are suitable for small to medium groups. The workshops are focused, informative and salon ready, so you can go from the classroom to the salon floor with user friendly curl and dry-cutting techniques. 

If you would like to chat about a workshop for you and your stylists, get in touch today for a program tailored specifically to you. 

The investment for a workshop is priced upon consultation.

The look and learn programs and workshops are run from the studio in Brunswick East or we can come to your salon space. You can follow these events via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Prices vary for each session. Get in touch with us if you’d like any further information. Our friendly team is always more than happy to help with all your queries.

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What is Dry-Cutting?

This technique works by cutting and styling hair in its natural form, which is when it’s dry. This differs from conventional methods where the hair is dampened before it is cut.

Read our blog on The Benefits of Dry-Cutting for more information.

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What About Cutting and Styling Curly Hair?

Curly hair is a dream to cut and style—if you know what you’re doing. Luckily, we’ve mastered the art of curly hair styling. That’s why were’s so keen to pass along our secrets.

Read our blog on the importance of finding the right hairdresser for curly hair here.

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