Curly Hair Products

Looking for the best curly hair products?

Here at Delilah, we loving make our very own unique range of hair products for curly. Each and every one of our curl enhancing products is specially designed to hydrate your hair and define your curls.

Handmade and formulated by our salon owner, MR.D, our curl creams are perfect for all types of curls, from short and sharp, right through to Afro and romantic beachy waves.

You can get your hot little hands on the best hair products for curly hair either in-person at our gorgeous Brunswick salon, or right here in our online store! Plus, $1 from every product we sell is donated to Hair3Rs, a program to help hair and beauty professionals recognize, respond and refer to the signs of family violence.

Why You’ll Love Delilah Curly Hair Products

Ultimate Care for your Curls

Our nourishing formulas are designed to care for your hair at the same time as providing amazing style and structure. We know that healthy hair has the best movement and shine, which is why we have enriched all our Delilah curl creams with hydrating ingredients which prevent dryness and frizz, giving you fuller, more defined, beautiful curls. For silky, moveable hair and amazing bounce and volume, look no further than the moisturising luxurious treatments within our creams.

Environmentally Friendly

Want hair products that love your hair and the planet? Delilah curl creams are the products for you. Handmade right here in Melbourne, our creams have a lower footprint and smaller environmental impact than many other curl products. All our curls creams come in a recyclable glass jar and lid for no wastage. Plus, our products are completely vegan and kind to furry friends!

Natural Ingredients

How do we create such beautiful, nourishing hair creams for curly hair? With the very best in natural ingredients. Our creams feature enriching and deeply hydrating properties including essential oils, organic sea salt, French pink clay, cacao butter, olive oils and beeswax. You won’t find any nasty chemicals here!

Delilah Hair Products for Curly Hair

Delilah Peppermint Cream

This rich and beautiful sorbelene based Peppermint Curl Cream has been created to offer amazing volume, moisture and definition for your curls. With hydrating ingredients like peppermint essential oil, glycerin and cacao butter, use this cream to minimise frizz and say goodbye to fly-aways. Plus, it’s amazing for your scalp and helps make your curls silky smooth.

Delilah Sea Salt Cream

Handmade with Australian Sea Salt and Shea Butter, the Sea Salt Cream is made to add tousle and texture, creating that effortless day at the beach vibe. It’s super hydrating and protects your hair from dryness and heat and sun damage. For the best curl enhancing product that adds shine and movement, try this amazing curly hair product today.

Delilah Clay

Want amazing hold that lasts all day? Want to maximise the volume and turn up the texture? You need the amazing, detoxifying power of Delilah Clay. This rich clay is made from beeswax and bentonite clay to add definition and volume to your hair, and it features spicy notes of cinnamon and cedarwood essential oils.

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