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Our Makeover is Complete

Our Makeover is Complete

Delilah Hair Studio is thrilled to announce that our studio revamp and restyle is finally complete. And, we’re sure you’re going to love what we’ve put together. The renovations have added a whole new layer of functionality and elegance to our salon.

openFirstly, we have completely opened up the space. We’ve removed the ceiling, walls and the old staff room to create a more open floor plan. This has made the entire salon so much more comfortable, inviting and light, best of all, it has allowed us to increase our working capacity— we now have eight working stations (where we used to have five). That means we can give even more customers the Delilah experience you’ve all fallen in love with. Getting an appointment will be easier than ever before!

We’ve also departed with the old red laminex (thank goodness). As much as we loved its vibrancy, we felt it was time to add some class to the salon. So, we’ve gone with that magical touch that only marble can provide. The marble typifies everything that Delilah aspires to, combining classic beauty with modern applications to create something truly remarkable. We have also introduced some amazing and tall American Oak framed mirrors. It is important to have natural materials around us while we work to keep us inspired, and this goes for the plants and the greenery too!

coffee table We’ve even given our coffee table a fresh new look, replacing the old top with a brand new marble finish that matches the rest of the salon. I didn’t want to throw out any old favourites, i wanted them to be given a new life and re-imagined into the new space.

The clean lines and sharp surfaces have breathed a new light into the salon that you’re sure to notice as soon as you step inside. It really is like a breath of fresh air. The windows allow the interior of the salon to blend seamlessly with the streetscape that we have fallen in love with.

basinPerhaps our favourite new addition is an old hospital basin we found on eBay. This is a picture of it semi completed. It was an absolute bargain and I absolutely fell in love with it. I believe it is a basin from an old hospital, its still complete with its original foot pump! We absolute love how it combines with the rest of the building, it adds a vintage touch to the new space.

Rest assured though, there’s still plenty of our original style left in the salon. After all, it simply wouldn’t be Delilah without our name in dazzling neon.

We had a lot of help during our restyle. Firstly, we have to say a huge thank you to my cousin who owns a marble business. We were able to put in more marble than we could have ever dreamed of thanks to his help.

neonWe also want to pass on a huge thank you to our amazing electrician Ryan. He was so helpful in setting up all of our new workstations and making sure they are absolutely perfect for our clients. Ryan even became the first customer to sit at one of our new stations. Ryan became an absolute big brother on the project, tolerated my Dannii/Kylie/Madonna playlist that was constant, and stopped me from falling to pieces on several occasions!

So many people helped us in the 10 days (can you believe it!) that we were closed for renovations, big shout out to:

  • My brother Brett – for tearing the old girl out!
  • My cousin Sam – for disposing of the old girl and the mess!
  • Jack – for doors of absolute perfection!
  • Leigh – for plumbing us up!
  • Frank – for streamlining our kitchen!
  • Grandfathers Axe – for our fab Scandi couch!
  • Terry and his crew – for plastering and patching her back together again. Padre and Nando’s – for keeping us fed and caffeinated.
  • Carmello and David – for painting her back to her beauty!

renovationNone of it would have been possible with out my partner/interior designer Gabriel! Thanks so much for tolerating me and helping me during this whole process and designing me such a beautiful space to work in! You can check him out at Jacka Design.

All in all, we feel the renovation has been successful in every way and we can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold. The space feels so spacious and comfortable and our team will be able to really let their talents shine.

Take a look at the photo’s, some of these were done by my amazing friend Alison Bennett and thanks to Ksenia for the rest!

So please, make an appointment and come and experience the new Delilah Hair Studio. We know you’ll love it and, as always, we promise you’ll walk out with the perfect hairstyle and a bounce in your step.


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