Barber Cuts

The team at Delilah Hair Studio in Brunswick East are passionate about creating cutting-edge hairstyles and doing our job with passion. We all love the image of the old barbershop, where men would go for so much more than a trim and a shave. It was a ritual; the barber was an artist and no self-respecting man would venture out in public unless the barber had applied that fine edged blade to his hair and beard.

Delilah Hair Studio has decided that it’s time for a return of those clean, slick lines of yesteryear. Where a liberal dose of pomade ensured that not a single hair was out of place. Our experience and expertise means we can create the classic, the timeless and the modern. Whatever your vision is; we can create it with our barber cuts.


Our Barber Cuts Services

  • Men’s Cuts: Whether it’s a tidy up or a whole new look, a member of our expert team will ensure that you leave our studio with the hairstyle you need to impress. Whether your hair is short or long, thin or thick we’ll be able to get the most out of it and ensure you walk out ready to take on the world.
  • The Restyle: This service is reserved for the more daring men out there. If you want to cut a striking figure all you have to do is come to our barbershop and let one of our artists completely transform you.
  • Crew Cut: If you just want the simplicity of one-length all over, we’ll give you a perfect, even crew cut. No fluff or errant tufts, just a sleek, neat and undeniably stylish look.

Why Choose Delilah Hair Studio?

There are barbershops popping up everywhere, but you can’t beat the Delilah reputation:

  • Experience and Knowledge: Nothing can replace the power of 30 years of experience. When you come to Delilah Hair Studio you will be looked after by a team of hairdrerrers and barbers that have worked with all types of hair and know their way around a good fade.
  • Enjoyable Atmosphere: You’ll love coming to our barbershop. It will turn into a little escape form the outside world, where you can come in and relax while our team of expert barbers set about revolutionising your look.
  • Passion: You wont find any bored, grumpy or corner cutting barbers here. Just a team that is passionate about giving you the perfect barber experience.
  • Chance to Experiment: With an expert team looking after you, you can feel confident enough to go for a look that you could only dream of.  The best part is, our location in Lygon Street, Brunswick means you can head out for a meal or a pint after your cut is complete, or just have a wine on us while your having your haircut! Isn’t that the perfect barbershop experience?

To book a barber cut with one of our stylists, or to find out more information, call today on (03) 9387 6744.