Lockdown Appointment Policy.

Future Lockdown Policy.

What happens if my appointment is scheduled during a lockdown?

Hi all, it seems the possibility of repeated lockdowns is much more of a reality than it was a couple of months ago. We have needed to come up with a lockdown plan to future proof the salon and mitigate the impact lockdowns are having on us if these continue.

When lockdowns seemed a one-off occurrence, we were working extra days on top of our full time hours to try and reschedule everyone’s missed appointments. This type of plan is unsustainable for us long term, as working 50+ hour weeks is having a negative impact on staff and the space in general, as we seem to be locking down monthly, which equates to a perpetuating cycle of extended hours, lockdowns and burnout.

Our existing client base will be placed on a priority waitlist and will be contacted when there are availabilities. Clients with future bookings that don’t fall as part of a lockdown, rest assured your appointments will still stand.

New clients, if your appointment falls inside of a lockdown, it will be cancelled and your deposit refunded. We encourage you to keep an eye out online, as we were really looking forward to meeting you.

We appreciate your understanding, looking forward to seeing you in the salon soon.