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Ombré balayage

Ombré balayage

Subtle amounts of hair colour is a great way to introduce vibrant or unusual hues without having to fully subscribe to them.

On the lovely Belinda, I did a blonde ombré balayage with a lovely light blonde, made her base hair colour an ash brown. At the basin, I toned some of the underneath layers of the ombre with Wella Perfecton /6 which is a gorgeous translucent and very cold violet.

The beauty of toning hair with Wella Perfecton is that you can still see the blonde through it, the colour is translucent so it’s see through and not opaque.

Great for professionals who want something different but may not have the look or can’t stray from a look that’s too corporate but are in desperate need of a bit of fun hair colour!

The pic below is a great representation of how subtle touches to hair colour can add mounds of interest and give something a little different to a client who likes change.


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