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Pastel pink hair colour.

Pastel pink hair colour.

I am absolutely adoring pastel hair colours at the moment!

I love the subtlety, tones and how they look great on almost everybody!

With the creation of pastel hair colours, you have a lot of control over the tones and the strength of them, so they are great for first timers of something a little more creative, right through to heavy duty multi tonal clients who are sick of bright and intense crazy hair colours.

On my fabulous client Sarah, she had been seeing a lot of pastels around, but being a head surgeon at a hospital, wanted something that would suit her lifestyle also.

We chose a very soft pastel pink, or a rose gold to be more technical. We wanted it to sit on the layers of her hair and provide texture and also be something a little pretty and different.

We were also able to add some of the pure hair colour pigment to her hair conditioner so she can top it up at home as she comes all the way up from Tasmania to see us!

We adore you Sarah, and your hair looks fabulous!


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