Linen Hair Towel (Hot Pink / Chocolate)


Made from 100% European linen for perfectly defined waves and curls. Hair Towel let’s hair retain just enough hydration to dry looking defined and feeling smooth. So you can spend less on expensive creams and oils, and more on important things. Like butterfly clips and pottery classes. How to use it: It’s pretty intuitive. Wash, plop, twist and fasten. Just remember, button and label at the nape of the neck.






Most hair towels are made from microfibre, a synthetic material that’s really good at drying things. A little too good. The highly absorbent material slurps up all the precious moisture from naturally dry hair, leaving it looking flat and feeling frazzled.

Inspired by the curly girl method, but looking for something cuter and simpler, wayvee hair turned to linen. A super soft, moisture-wicking material that absorbs less water than cotton or microfibre, causes less friction and actually gets softer with every wash. The fabric trifecta.

By absorbing less water, wayvee hair’s Linen Hair Towel lets wavy hair retain just enough hydration to dry looking defined and feeling smooth. Plus, wayvee hair designed it to look cute enough to hang in your bathroom. Or wear out of the house, if you’re feeling wavy.

Suitable for
Curly, frizzy, fluffy, textured and all kinds of wavy hair.

Weight – less than 300 g
Dimensions – 70cm L

Additional information


Hot Pink, Chocolate


Squeeze out any excess water after washing your hair. Flip your head upside down. Plop your hair into Hair Towel, label and button at the nape of your neck. Twist fabric, then stand up and pull the twist up away from your face and over your head. Fasten the elastic to the button.


  • 100% European linen
  • Bioresin button
  • GOTS certified, organic cotton
  • Biodegradable, natural rubber elastic


  • Perfectly defines waves and curls
  • Dries hair just enough
  • Wicks away water without stripping moisture
  • Less friction, less damage
  • Use less product
  • Made in Melbourne