O&M CLEAN.tone Platinum Colour Treatment


Remove unwanted yellow tones and bring your blonde back to brilliance with the fabulous Platinum treatment by O&M!


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Taking care of your hair after it’s been bleached can be a tricky task. Maintaining a vibrant, glossy, platinum colour after visiting the salon can be even harder.

That’s where O&M CLEAN.tone Platinum Colour Treatment comes into play. It helps keep your lightened locks healthy, nourished and as vibrant as possible between salon visits.

Even if you don’t have coloured hair, the CLEAN.tone range can be used to both maintain and bring out pre-existing blonde tones. Suitable for use in coloured and non-coloured hair, the Platinum Colour Treatment will neutralise yellow tones to unlock the bright and shining platinum highlights you’d expect fresh from the salon.

The best part? You can have all of this without ever having to step outside of your house. The O&M CLEAN.tone is easy to use in the comfort of your bathroom, with straightforward instructions and an uncomplicated method, you’ll be able to achieve results of the highest quality with no expertise required.

Want to know how the CLEAN.tone Platinum Colour Treatment is able to provide such great results while keeping your hair as healthy as possible? It’s all in the ingredients. O&M is dedicated to only using the most gentle ingredients, suitable for hair of all types and qualities. Not only do you get amazing results with your colour, but you’ll also notice a significant difference in the hydration levels of your hair.

This is achieved by using native Australia ingredients such as Lilly Pilly for Vitamin C, Davidsonia Plum for sun protection, Lemon Aspen to prevent damage from UV and pollution, Glycerin for extra moisturisation and Gernium Leaf for a natural, pleasant fragrance.

Once you’ve taken your Platinum Colour Treatment home all you’ll need to do is apply it to freshly washed, towel dried hair for around 3 minutes to see results. If you aren’t quite getting the bright tones that you’re after, work your way up slowly by extending the amount of time the product is left in your hair. After treatment, all you need to do is give your hair quick rinse for instant rejuvenation.

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Lilly Pilly – A native Australian plant extract ingredient very high in vitamin C that acts as a natural collagen plumping the hair. Davidsonia Plum – A natural plant extract from the Australian rainforest that helps protect hair from oxidization and sun damage. Lemon Aspen – A native Australian plant extract that helps protect hair colour against harmful effects of UV and pollution preventing premature colour-fade. Glycerin – Plant based moisturising agent nourishes and conditions the hair, making it soft and frizz-free. Geranium Leaf naturally derived fragrance – lightly floral scent with fresh herbal overtones high in vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids. Keeps the hair healthy and nourished.


STEP 1 Apply to washed and towel-dried hair using gloves. Massage onto lengths and ends.

STEP 2 We recommend applying for 3 mins to begin with then gradually building up time with each application until desired tone is achieved.

STEP 3 10 mins is the maximum recommended time. Individual hair condition will affect the results.

STEP 4 Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. This product may cause temporary staining to hands. Gloves are recommended.