Afro Hair Colouring

At Delilah, we have a reputation for being the best curly hairdressers in Melbourne. Our experienced staff are the experts at cutting and styling Afro hair, and we are constantly training in new and exciting techniques to keep your Afro in tip-top shape!

This does not stop at your haircut.

Colouring Afro hair is definitely a speciality. What suits our pin-straight haired folk won’t necessarily work for you Afro-haired peeps, and neither will the hair colouring techniques. So, we’ve developed an aesthetic and specific methods of colour application to keep your fabulous springs in fashion!

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Lived-in Hair Colouring Techniques

Keeping the natural movement of the hair in mind, what we do best—and highly recommend—are our lived-in hair colour looks. We specialise in:

Lived-in colour techniques are the best way to make the most out of your natural movement and enhance your hair’s natural texture. They also deliver future-proof colour that grows out seamlessly over a period of months!

Using these techniques allows us to achieve more diffused colours, which seamlessly blend in with your natural curl pattern to create stunning dimension.

Our Afro hair colouring services ensure that your Afro looks spectacular. We infuse your hair with hydration to ensure it remain bouncy and healthy, while still achieving your dream colour.

So whether you’re after a touch-up for those pesky greys, or want a complete lived-in transformation for your curls, please book an appointment with us!


Afro Hair Colouring Products

Afro hair colouring requires the best in quality products. We only use the best curly hair colouring products, with low-to-no ammonia, PPD free and highly hydrating as the integrity of the hair is what’s most important to us.

Most importantly, we use and recommend Blondpro (think Olaplex) to keep your Afro in the very best condition. Blondpro also helps to hold your curl pattern during and after colouring.

Read about why a Blondoro is the best treatment for Afros here.

We even have a range of Delilah Curl Creams (all handmade in-house) that are packed full of essential oils and conditioners that help to strengthen and hydrate your Afro.

Make a booking online with us today. Let us care for your Afro and give you the Afro hair colour you have always desired!