Curly Afro

Is there anything more gorgeous than a head full of tight curls? We love the natural bounce and volume of curly Afro hair, and we know exactly how to treat it to make every curl pop!

Curly Afro hair is characterised by ‘s’ shaped curls that are tight enough to wrap around a pencil but defined enough that you can see individual strands. This style of Afro hair has plenty of movement and bounce, perfect for wearing loose and natural or styling however you want.

The experienced team at Delilah know exactly how to make your curly Afro hair shine, so sit back and relax while we give your curls the royal treatment.

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Curly Afro Cuts

The only way to achieve the perfect cut [link to Afro Hair Cutting when available] for your amazing curly Afro hair is by using the dry cutting technique perfected by the stylists at Delilah.

All Afro hair has shrinkage, which means it curls up tighter when its wet. Cutting your hair dry ensures you get the length and shape that you want and don’t end up with much less volume and bounce than you were counting on! 

Curly Afro Colour

A new bold colour [link to Afro Hair Colouring when available] is the perfect thing to spice up your curly Afro – but colouring Afro hair requires serious skill! Your beautiful corkscrew curls aren’t going to hold a dye the same way straight hair does, but at Delilah we have all the tricks to get your Afro popping.

Our lived-in hair colouring techniques enhance your curls natural movement and texture, seamlessly blending with your curl pattern. Plus, it ensures your colour will look good for months, growing out in line with your curls! 

Plus, all our colouring techniques infuse your hair with hydration, so there’s no breakage around here.

Curly Afro Care

Looking for advice on caring for your Afro hair? Or products to bring that moisture and shine? We got you. 

Come into Delilah to chat all things Afro hair with our talented team and pick up some of our amazing products made especially with curl queens in mind.

We stock O&M hair products that are guaranteed to keep your Afro in the best condition, and we make our own range of Delilah Curl Products for care and styling.

Examples of Our Curly Afros