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Delilah – Reopening

Delilah – Reopening

Hi everyone! After having a few weeks in hibernation to pause, have a good think about life in this current situation, and find ways to move forward in a manner that aligns with keeping safe in an uncertain pandemic environment. We have made the decision to reopen Delilah in a limited capacity to comply with current social distancing and safety guidelines.

We will be reopening for business as of Tuesday 14th April. This virus isn’t going away anytime soon and it is my job to figure out ways to coexist as a business alongside it.

Our opening hours will be limited to a few hours per day, and I want to talk about the new practices we are implementing to keep health/safety at a maximum.

Before I point out these changes, I would like to mention that it has been a great opportunity to make some permanent changes to my business that I have never had the time nor opportunity to make before. I do not want to be limited by this virus, all changes that have been made have been done so in light of using this current challenge as a catalyst for growth. Delilah has been going full steam ahead for many years now, so a forced pause has enabled me to implement positive changes to my business for you my loyal friends, my wonderful team and myself.

* We will be working 1 on 1 with clients. If you are having a colour service, we wont be booking a haircut in while you are processing, you will have our full attention for your whole visit. This will be a permanent change in the salon, this will slow the salon down to a comfortable pace and halve the amount of people in the salon at any given time.

*Whilst you are seated for your appointment, there will be a vacant work station in-between each client to adhere to proper social distancing guidelines and keep people spread out in the salon.

*There will be no magazines, but we have WiFi and encourage you to bring your phone/tablet and entertain yourselves with your own devices.

*People who are unwell will be required to reschedule their appointments.

*Clients must arrive by themselves, to adhere to the amount of people who are allowed in the space at the one time we must limit the amount of people in the space to only the person having their hair done.

*Staff will be wearing masks at all times (fashionable black ones)

*Proper hygiene will continue to be practiced including the washing of hands, it will also be ramped up and each work station will be thoroughly cleaned between clients. Any point of human contact will be cleansed before and after each visitor.

*Hand sanitizer will be readily available at all times.


We have been busy rescheduling appointments and contacting people (this was a much bigger challenge than we anticipated) to try and get people rebooked for their services.

If we haven’t been in touch yet, I profusely apologize and thank you for your patience. We will be closed for the Easter weekend and will reopen on Tuesday 14th of April so please, if you had an appointment booked while we have been away and we haven’t been in contact and you are wanting to come in, please give us a call after 11am on Tuesday to reschedule as you are our TOP PRIORITY for appointments and will have first choice of appointment times moving forward.

*Please note – we are currently only taking appointments a couple of weeks ahead as the lockdown guidelines may change and we want to ensure minimal disruption if a full closure is called.

We will get through this challenging time together. As friends, as a community and as connected humans. I appreciate the hundreds of messages of support and advice from everyone who has taken the time to reach out. And I thank you for your ongoing loyalty and commitment to Delilah, a place that I love and am doing my best to protect and ensure a bright future for.



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