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Hottest Hair Trends for 2019

Hottest Hair Trends for 2019

As the sun sets on 2018, we thought now was the perfect time to look ahead. After all, the start of a new year means that a whole new set of the hottest new hair trends is just around the corner.

Of course, the very nature of trends mean that they come and go. Classic styles, on the other hand, are always in fashion. So, if you love your classic cut or colour, then own it! There’s no need to change a look that’s already working for you.

So then, let’s take a look at what the hottest hair trends for 2019 are likely to be.

vibrant hair colour

The 90s Are Back, Baby!

It’s common knowledge that trends are cyclical. These days, it’s hard to find a trend that is really and truly brand new. Right now, the 90s are making a comeback. You’ve probably already noticed 90s inspired fashion filling the racks of clothing stores, from crop tops right through to pleated minis. Well, now hair is going back to the 90s as well.

Think 90s supermodels, and their layers, pretty blowouts, tousled ponytails, and tortoiseshell clips. Basically, anything Monica and Rachel did with their hair, you can expect to see in 2019.

If the 90s are back it means braids are back, especially box braids. In this style, the hair is parted into either triangular or square sections, and then braided using extensions that are added from the root.

The best part about most of the 90s hair styles is that they’re super easy to create at home. Simply invest in a good quality hairdryer and the job is half-done.

The Layered Cut Perm

This style was born in fashion hot spot, Seoul. Also known as the Ley Perm, this style features a loosely-waved perm that is then layered to fall softly around the face and neck. The layers keep the hair looking bouncy and plump even without constant blow drying or curling.

Reversible Layer Cut

Legendary Sydney hair stylist Renya Xydis creates an utterly unique look that can be made to look either sleek or shaggy. This style uses layers from the cheekbone down to the tips, while the back is kept layer-free. It’s perfect for anyone that wants a versatile cut, as you can go from bouncy to edgy with little to no effort.

Blunt Cut

This is a real Brunswick look, and it’s going to be popular in 2019. This is just a one length bob. Combined with either an undercut or a fringe. If you don’t want to go one length, ask for layering to take a bit of an edge off the look. You can even do this style with long hair for an elegant look.

Bowl Cut

No matter what you think of this style, when done right it can look really cool. Ask for softer lines and a point cutting method to reduce volume and avoid the dreaded ‘mushroom’ look. You can even layer your bowl for a semi-pixie style.

Curly Updos

Updos will always be in fashion. For 2019, updos will be curly and cascading. This is a super fun look, that is equal parts glamour and casual. The aim is to have the curls cascading from the back to the front of the head, and coming down over the face.

French-Girl Cut

Who doesn’t want to look like a Parisienne? If you want the French look, ask for a cut that just brushes the collarbone, and make sure you get a fringe cut in. The gradient layers should get longer from back to front. It’s a super minimalist and low-maintenance look.

Let That Hair Grow

Not just long hair, but really long hair is going to be on trend in 2019. The best part about this style is you don’t have to do anything, just let it grow and visit a stylist, so it ends up looking how you want.

If you’ve ever wanted to go blonde, this year is your time. All shades of blonde will be on trend, so make that dream come true. If going blonde is a bit scary, why not go chestnut brunette instead?

DIY Topknots

2019 is no time for a sleek topknot. The messier, the better. In fact, it should look as though it’s been put together in one movement.

Rebel Rebel

Yes, healthy-looking hair is beautiful, but if you want to make a statement you’ll love the trend towards hairspray and lots of it. Make your hair look greasy, grimy and grungy and really capture that 90s spirit.

Whatever look you want to create in 2019, our lovely staff will be more than happy to talk you through the options to get you to where you want to be. Every year should be your best hair year, so visit us before the year is out and get 2019 started off the right way – with fabulous, on-point hair. Delilah Hair Studio knows how to give you your dream hair.


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