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Wearability – 3 Reasons Why Having Your Hair Dry-Cut Will Change Your Life

Wearability – 3 Reasons Why Having Your Hair Dry-Cut Will Change Your Life

We all want great hair—right? And we all want our haircuts to last, grow out well, and complement our every feature (or hide some) …

Regular wet-to-dry haircutting can usually give us one or more of these elements. But not all. Here at Delilah though, we want you to have it all!

That’s why we think it’s high time we talked about dry-cutting

Dry-cutting in hairdressing terms is as simple as it sounds. It involves cutting your hair while it’s dry. At Delilah, our cush little hair studio on Lygon Street in Brunswick East, we are massive fans of the dry-cut.

Here are 3 reasons why you should see one of our dry-cutting specialists today!


Dry-cutting Gives You A Better Haircut

Having your hair dry-cut means you’ll end up with a haircut that is more suited to your hair type, texture and face shape. If we cut your hair in its naturally dry state, we can better design a haircut that suits the wearer. Why? Well, because, we’re working with your hair in exactly the state that it sits on a day-to-day basis.

Dry-cutting the hair means that we can see areas in your hair that need more texture, bulk removal, or shape. This means that when you wash and style your brand new do at home, it will behave for you—just as it behaves for us in the salon.

After all, how many times have you been happy with your hair when you’ve left a salon, only to try and recreate your hairstyle at home and be bitterly disappointed…

Dry-cutting Is The Haircut That Keeps On Giving

When you have your hair dry-cut, we can create shape and texture in your hair that you just can’t achieve with a regular wet-to-dry haircut. Getting the texture and shape right means that your haircut will grow out extra well and keep its shape for so much longer. This means less trips to the hairdresser and less time styling at home!

Being able to see areas in your hair that need the most attention means that we can foresee those troublesome and bulky parts of your hairstyle that usually grow out the quickest. This means we can pay extra special attention to these areas, and make sure they behave and last the distance!


Dry-cutting Is Great For Movement And Curly Hair

At Delilah, we consider ourselves curly hair specialists. Hundreds of people come to us to have their gorgeous curls dry-cut at our Brunswick salon every year.

Dry-cutting curly hair is the best way to get the ultimate shape, add volume and increase the texture and movement in your curl. Why? Because we can cut your curls as we see them.

Dry-Cutting your curly hair means that we can see your curl pattern and design your curly haircut to suit the type of curls that you have. This means we can bring out the very best in your curly hair! Dry-cutting is also great when it comes to increasing and decreasing curl, balancing out your haircut, and harmonising areas in your hair that are more or less curly. Basically, we can seamlessly blend all your curls together.



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