High quality universal canvas diffuser. Diffuse your waves and curls like a pro! With sustainable calico carry bag.


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Diffuse your waves and curls like a pro, without the need to buy a new hairdryer!

We have scoured the globe to find THE BEST universal diffuser attachment for your hairdryer and we have found it!

Made out of premium quality canvas, this universal diffuser is heat proof and won’t break or over-heat like some other diffusers can. It will fit any hairdryer and is compact enough to take with you anywhere you go!

They also come in their very own sustainable calico carry bag!


  • Afro hair
  • Wavy hair
  • curly hair
  • volumising straight hair
  • fine hair


Additional information

Weight 75 g


Pull the Universal Curl Diffuser opening over your hairdryer, with the attached elastic bands reaching securely over the back of the dryer handle. Use the toggles to secure and fasten. Use with any strength of heat, cool to hot!

Start with a medium heat. Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, and applied a small amount of your favourite Delilah Curl Cream evenly in inch wide sections, gently press the universal Curl Diffuser into your curls and allow the soft heat to penetrate and dry your hair.

Once fully dried, you can optionally use soft and cold air for a couple of minutes over your curls and/or waves to set in the movement and volume and lock out the frizz!

Another time saving option is to apply your Delilah Curl Cream of choice, dry your hair with the Universal Curl Diffuser to about %80 dry and go about your day and let nature do the rest!


Carry bag – Sustainable high quality calico

Universal Curl Diffuser – Premium and durable high quality canvas