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Winter Hairstyle and Colour Trends 2016

Winter Hairstyle and Colour Trends 2016

Whether you want a whole new look, or just a slight update, get a head start with our comprehensive guide to hair trends in 2016. The current hair colour trends are all about creative use of colour to create tailored, individualised looks that suit not only your complexion, but your day-to-day life as well. Meanwhile, when it comes to Winter haircuts, the shorter the better: the bob, the pixie and the shag are all top of the list.

Hair Colour Trends 2016

Colourful Fringe

Why not opt for a splash of soft baby blue, or even a hint of fuschia on your bangs? With a coloured fringe, you can make a bold statement, without going full rainbow hair. This could be the perfect way to experiment with a smidge of colour in your new winter hairstyle.

Rainbow Fringe

Or, if you’re a little more daring, and want to really go to town for your winter haircut, then why not go full rainbow fringe? Mix in pink, yellow, and even some orange for a fridge that is simply destined to feature in selfie’s galore this Winter.

Rainbow Hair

Taking it one step further, if you really want to banish those Winter blues, then now is the time to transform your crowning glory into a colourful cloud. When it comes to this current hair trend, think Katy Perry—fluoro blues, violets and oranges. You can’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd if you opt for this new do.


What sort of current hair trends piece would this be without the inclusion of the ever-popular dip-dye? At the moment, light pink dip-dyed tips are all the rage, particularly when paired with bright blondes. The pink provides a jolt of colour that is fun and playful, and still manages to compliment a range of skin tones. Alternatively, if you’re after something a little more rock’n roll you could substitute the pink for a colour with a harder edge to it, like blues, purples or even black.


This hair colour was all the rage in 2015, probably because it’s the perfect solution for all those brunettes who want to go a little bit lighter, but not so light that their roots are showing the week after their colour. With its warm blend of colours, this hair trend is still strong in 2016, and will definitely be a major player throughout Melbourne’s colder months.


Closely related to ‘bronde’ for blondes, Ronze is the equivalent for redheads. It is basically a deliciously warm fusion of coppers, red tones, and browns. Given its warm nature, this Winter hairstyle suits a whole range of complexions—you’ll just need to get your exact tone down to a fine art with the help of an expert colourist.


This hand-painted hair colour effect is by no means a new hair trend, but its definitely here to stay. Not only does it give your locks that golden, sun-kissed look, it also means you have softer, less defined regrowth for that natural look that we all adore. Balayage will be big in 2016.

Haircut Trends 2016

The Bob

The bob never seems to go out of fashion. It is simply one of those tried and true, classic haircuts that looks amazing, whatever the season might be. If you’re after 1920s glamour, then your can crop your bob super short, or, grow it longer to get that tousled, I’ve-just-gotten-out-of-bed look. Plus, if you’re thinking about either a colourful or rainbow fringe (as mentioned above), the bob is the perfect cut to team this colour choice with.

The Shag

If you’re feeling daring, then why not go for a cut that’s a bit shorter than a bob – the shag. With a long, shaggy fringe (hence the name), and numerous layers cut in around your face, this is the trendy, rock’n roll version of the bob. Best of all, it needs little maintenance—apply some texturizing spray, scrunch, and you’re good to go.

The Pixie Cut

Shorter again, the pixie is already being touted as the ‘It’ haircut for Winter 2016. A pixie cut is super short around the face, with varying degrees of length around the ears, at the top of the head, and at the nape of the next. It should frame your face perfectly. The pixie does offer multiple looks (although at first glance you may think it restrictive); use gel for a sleek look, texturizing spray for a tousled look, or have a blow wave to create any manner of shapes.

Straight Hair

One of the new hair trends taking the fashion world by storm at the moment is straight hair. We’re not talking run-of-the-mill, whip-out-the-GHD-for-five-minutes straight hair though. We mean sleek, glass-like straight hair. Straight hair pulled back into smooth ponytails so tight that you just know you’re going to end up with a headache. But, as we all know, no pain no gain, right?!


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