Jack the builder

Jack the builder

Jack the builder is gorgeous without any of my help, but seriously, look what I do! 😉 I love this haircut, some good barber skills are in order here, mixed with high fashion and a little dab of wash and wear! Curl is so in right now for men, and I love how easy this … Read more


man's haircut

Barber cuts and fades are so much fun to do! I love the precision and how you have to draw on all of your experience as a hairdresser to make them great! I love the zone you go into when doing these haircuts and how exciting and rewarding the results are.

Bowl cut undercut

man with short hairstyle

High fashion! I love a good bowl cut with an undercut. I love how it subscribes to a certain look and the confidence that must be carried by its wearer. Bowl cuts definately scream right about now! I love the elements that come together in these haircuts and the technical side of cutting them is … Read more

All things copper.

hair colour

We just love using our new MUK haircolour. I wanted to show a few variations of what a great hair colouring system plus creative hairdressers equates too. We have been mixing and playing and formulating with MUK hair colour to see how far we can push it and create great and intense, long lasting results. … Read more

Blonde hair

woman with long hair

Blondes can be simple and summery and blend really well! I love this blonde hair done with some really fine foil highlights using the totally amazing MUK hair colour. MUK is the best hair colour that I have ever used! Look at the beautiful times we were able to create for my totally gorgeous client … Read more