Short bob

woman with short hairstyle

Claire’s absolute dynamite skill with a short bob and her rocking fringes are second to none! I love this beautiful Muk hair colour sitting upon this beautiful short bob, and I love the high fashion fringe! Violet is definately in – very luxurious and silky.

Short bob

woman wearing glasses with short blonde hair with fringe

I never get bored of seeing haircuts like this. I love what they say and how they look on the face. The drama of the fringe and the texture in the short bob really speak volumes when it comes to fashion and unleashing who you are within.

All things copper.

hair colour

We just love using our new MUK haircolour. I wanted to show a few variations of what a great hair colouring system plus creative hairdressers equates too. We have been mixing and playing and formulating with MUK hair colour to see how far we can push it and create great and intense, long lasting results. … Read more

Colour correction

Curly hairstyle

Claire’s work with colour correction is absolutely amazing and second to none! Her ability to visually calculate what she needs to do to get a bit so great colour right again is amazing to watch. To execute good colour correction you need to be able to figure out what went wrong, how your going to … Read more