woman smiling wearing glasses with bun hairstyle

The bridal upstyle queen Claire is at it again! A good blowdry, some conical curls and a lovely ‘scrunch and pin’ technique and look at this organized mess she has created!

Short hair cut.

woman with short hairstyle

Claire is an amazing hair artist, and it’s these looks that she creates that continually amaze me!  We coloured this lovely girls hair to a very ashen and cold pepper black (Wella is the only one I’ve ever liked) and then Claire cut this absolutely stunning pixie style haircut with a very severe short and … Read more

Ombré balayage 

woman with short hairstyle with fringe

We are so lucky to have a close relationship with our peeps at Wella and especially our technician Janine Bourke who comes down to show us the latest and greatest in hair colour and hair colour techniques. Nothing spells wow like ombré and balayage! Wella Freelights has been the greatest thing to hit Delilah, and … Read more

Wedding hairstyles.

group of four women smiling

We all know I love a wedding! And this is no exception! Doing Helens hair for her wedding and the hair of the bridesmaids was definitely the highlight of my week! The girls are all very different and we wanted to celebrate that while tying their hair in together with a similar thread. I pulled … Read more