Curly Hair Colouring

Melbourne’s resident curl experts, Delilah Hair Studio, are the curly hair colouring and highlights experts with a difference.

We’ve developed a game-changing formula for curly hair colouring that amplifies dimension and promotes longevity. We’ve ditched the nasties and ramped up the nourishment to serve up killer colours that feel as good as they look.

Our curly hair colouring service is centred around the beauty of lived in colour. We believe techniques like freehand painting and bailage are the secret to afros, mullets, lobs and bobs of style icons.

Curly Hair Colour Technique

While straight hair catches light in sleek panes, the texture of curls bounce light around in a very different way. It got us thinking – how can we spice up our curl colouring game to elevate the dimensional beauty of those looping locks?

To enhance your hair’s natural movement and dimension, we lean into natural, lived-in colouring and highlights techniques. Our seamlessly diffused hair colours are formulated to blend with your natural curl pattern to create showstopping depth to your hair.

It’s also a dose of self-care for your bank account. Balayage or hair painting offer a stress free and natural grow-out process that doesn’t demand a patch up every few weeks.

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Curly Hair Colouring Care

Colouring your curls shouldn’t cost them their shine or bounce. At Delilah we’re committed to the longevity of your glorious ‘do’. Our curly hair colouring services infuse your hair with hydration to lock in that healthy spring, while still serving up your dream colour.

You won’t catch a glimpse of any harmful nasties on our shelves. The integrity of the hair is what keeps those killer curls in shape, so we swear by only the best curly hair colouring products. We’re talking low-to-no ammonia, PPD free and highly hydrating goodies that’ll have you clutching at your curls in awe.

To give your curls some lasting TLC post-colour, we can’t recommend Blondpro enough. This wonder-product, similar to Olaplex, provides a tonne of nourishment to help hold your curl pattern during and after colouring.

And then of course, there’s our house-made range of Delilah Curl Creams that seal the deal on enviable curls. These bad boys are packed full of essential oils and conditioners that help to smooth, strengthen and hydrate your curls.

Examples of Our Curly Hair Colouring
woman with curly hair