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4 Tips For Keeping Your Curls Healthy and Stylish Whilst Having Your Hair Coloured

4 Tips For Keeping Your Curls Healthy and Stylish Whilst Having Your Hair Coloured

Hair Colouring For Curly and Wavy Hair

Are you on the hunt for tips for keeping your curls healthy and stylish, even when having them coloured? Well, you are most certainly in the right place!

Here at Delilah, we’re known for our dry-haircutting and curl expertise at our fab little studio on Lygon St in Brunswick East in Melbourne. We spend our days shaping, hydrating and beautifying our curly peeps—and enjoy every single second of it! That’s why we’re proud to be Melbourne’s number 1 curly hair specialist.

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We are also super passionate and experienced in colouring your curls. We have a strong focus on hair colouring techniques (particularly techniques that keep your locks as luscious as possible) and products for all types of curly, textured hair.

Today, I want to give you some tips, tricks and insights—direct from our studio floor straight to you. All of these tips are designed to give you a head start in keeping your luscious curls looking their colourful best, whilst also staying protected throughout the hair colouring process.

We also run dry-haircutting and curl education!

Ammonia Versus Ammonia Free Hair Colour

At Delilah, we have hand-picked only the most beneficial products. So, it should come as no surprise that we use the all famous MUK Colour. MUK is a low-ammonia colour hair colour.

The reason why we’ve chosen a low-ammonia colour range as opposed to ammonia-free is because of this little known fact: low-ammonia hair colour is actually better for your hair than ammonia-free hair colour. This is because the chemical used to open the cuticle in ammonia-free hair colour is actually more damaging to the hair than a small amount of ammonia!

MUK offers a hair colour with the lowest possible ammonia content on the market. Plus, MUK colour is highly conditioning and hydrating, which compensates for any dryness caused by the curl colouring process.


Blondpro and Bond Builders

We always recommend the use of disulphide bond builders (think Olaplex) during and after the hair colouring process. A bond builder like Blondpro (we use this brand as opposed to Olaplex because I believe it is better and more hydrating for curly hair) will minimize damage to the hair whilst we are colouring. Plus, curly hair relies on its internal disulphide bonds to be its curly best. So, if you use Blondpro after the colouring process, you won’t suffer from curl or elasticity loss.


Lived-in Colour Techniques For Curly Hair

We want you to get the most out of your curly hair colour so we always recommend a more natural and lived-in hair colouring technique like balayage or hair painting. With these lived-in colouring techniques, you get more of a stress free and natural grow-out. And, you won’t need your colour topped up as frequently with more of a casual look.

Our more diffused hair colours will blend with your natural curl pattern and create incredible dimension in your hair. This gives your curls a much more interesting appearance without causing unsightly regrowth after a couple of weeks. Lived-in colouring techniques like balayage and hair painting tend to last months, not weeks, which makes them perfect for the hip pocket!

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After-care For Your Coloured Curly Hair

We use and recommend O&M shampoos and conditioners for your curly hair after you have had a hair colouring process. O&M (Original and Mineral) is an Australian hair care brand that is sulphate and paraben free. It will gently cleanse your curly hair and keep it extremely light and hydrated. This not only protects your hair colour, but keeps your curls in their best condition.

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It doesn’t stop their either, we have our in-house range of Delilah Curl Creams that are designed to keep your curls and your curly hair colour in tip-top condition. Packed with essential oils and conditioners, they will keep that beautiful frizz free spring in your hair! And they’re hand-made with love and care by us!

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If you would like to know more or want to book an appointment with one of our curly hair specialists, please get in contact on 9387 6744 or book an appointment here.


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