Layered Curly Hair

After layered curly hair? You know we’re lovers of texture at Delilah Hair Studio. So, what better way to take our love affair to the next level than with some killer layers? Adding layers into curly hair allows each individual ringlet to get a little more airtime while promoting natural movement.

In order move freely, curly hair needs layers!

The best thing about layering curly hair is that it looks bomb on just about any length of curls and face shape. Since we’re cutting back bulk and dialling up the texture, it’s a sure-fire way to achieve those bouncing ringlets of your dreams.

We’re also super adaptable to different style ambitions. If you aren’t sure where to start with your layering journey, our curl-gurus can help uncover the perfect layering technique that’ll have your curls firing.

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Layering for Different Types of Curly Hair

We adore the variety of curls that bounce their way through our door. Each unique length, texture and shape calls for an individualised styling approach. Our Delilah-ettes are backed by an arsenal of layering techniques specialised to particular hairstyles. Below our some of our faves.

Layers For Short Curly Hair

If you’ve got cropped curly hair, then layers are the perfect way to add volume and body without getting too bulky.

The Curly Shag

Delilah is renowned across Melbourne for our iconic curly hair shags. Think of the shag as the 70s inspired volume miracle for thin hair. The addition of shorter layers close to the top of the head creates the illusion of a full head of voluminous curls that once seemed impossible.

Take a look at some of our team’s 70’s shag dos here.

Layers for Long Curly Hair

While the shag is our personal favourite technique for layering longer locks, we do have a plenty of other tricks up our sleeve. If you’re after a more subtle entry into layers, a v-cut is a simple way to create more texture to your ends.

Our Delilah-ettes can take it easy with some soft vertical layers, before going back in to target individual curls to provide movement where it’s most needed.

Dry Cutting for Layered Curls

The beauty of our dry cutting technique is that we can gradually add layers into your hair until your happy with the final product.

With your hair sitting in its natural, dry position, our stylists can strategically approach your layering. We’ll work in with your hair’s natural movement to capture texture in areas of need. By approaching curly hair layering with a dry cut, we dodge those dreaded hard lines and choppy cliff layers that give curly layers a bad name.

Examples of Our Layered Curly Hair Styles