Long Curly Hair

At Delilah we worship your big, bold and beautiful curls. Since we first picked up the clippers, their glorious lengths have cascaded their way straight into our hearts.

Long curly hair gets a bad rap for being a nightmare to manage, but at Delilah we are hell bent on changing the narrative. We embrace the tizz of your flowing locks, working with rather than against your hair’s natural movement to create an enduring vision of beauty.

Whether you have tight coils or loose waves, our Delilah-ettes are bound to find a style that allows your long curly hair to shine. There’s no one-hit-wonder business with us either. Our hand crafted styles are blessed by simplicity – so you can bang out those killer curls right from home.

Benefits of Long Curly Hair

  • Is there anything more enviable than a full head of lush curls? At Delilah we guarantee we’ll change the way you view your bountiful curls. A burden no more – once we’re through with your waves, your unruly mane will become your best accessory.
  • Once you know how to care and style long curly hair, it’s actually super easy to manage! Your Delilah stylist can provide life-changing tips throughout your styling session that’ll allow you to carry that salon-fresh look into every day.
  • The reason most people shy away from longer styles is because they’ve never had a haircut tailored to their specific needs. Our deeply personalised styling sessions will reveal the innate beauty of your curls in all their wild glory.
  • You can play around with layers, bangs and face framing to add some shape into your long curls.

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The Delilah Difference – Long Curly Hair Specialists

Our hair is one of our strongest forms of expression, and we want yours to be a radiant reflection of who you are. We’ll never quash your curly hair dreams. In fact, the bolder your ambition, the better.

At Delilah we lean into the dry cut to capture the essence of your hair’s curve. Wet curls are an entirely different breed to dry curls – they sit different, they’re prone to stretching and they going to coil back up dramatically when dry. So, it only makes sense to snip and shape them in while in their natural state.

All we ask is you do us the honour of allowing us to get our hands on your flowing mane of curls. In turn, we’ll repay you with unforgettable salon experience that reinvigorates your curls with a lifeforce you never knew they possessed.

Examples of Our Long Curly Hairstyles

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