Curly Pixie Cut

Pixie do’s are back baby, and we’re serving up Melbourne’s most enviable curly pixie cuts. Whether you’ve got springy coils or silken waves, this cheeky crop has a way of transforming your curls into a work of art.

The curly pixie cut strikes that enviable balance between playful and powerful. It marries some of our signature styling techniques – including layering, fades and texturizing cuts – to produce an iconic expression of personal flare.

A pixie cut is built on layers, and in case you hadn’t heard, nothing brings curls to life like some killer layering. The result is a tousled statement of curls spotlighted by cropped edging and shaping.

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Who is a Pixie Cut For?

We’re yet to meet a soul who hasn’t walked out our salon looking like a hair goddess after we’ve served up a sweet little pixie cut. Here’s why it’s a golden go-to for just about anyone:

  • Versatile – it’s not often you hear a hairstyle described as a ‘day-to-night’ to night look, but the pixie cut defies all rules. Its effortless perfection makes it transition from causal to formal with barely a wisp of styling.
  • Customisable – we can work in a stronger fade for a more dramatic look or keep your tresses longer for a lusher look. We can even play around with some face framing bangs too! You let us know the energy you want your hair to give off and we’ll make it a reality.
  • Works with any hair texture – seriously, thin hair, thick hair, frizzy hair, you name it – we’ll work in with your hair to shape a pixie style cut that complements your hair form

How to Style Your Pixie Cut

The best part about a Delilah curly pixie cut is that they’re designed to be worn on the fly. Who was the time to meticulously style each curl into perfect position each morning? Our dry cutting technique delivers a low maintenance, tizz enhancing style. We ensure the way your hair looks when the pixie cut is finished is how it will look the next day, and the day after that.

Despite what some stylists might have you believe, your new pixie cut doesn’t come hand in hand with an arsenal of new products. The best curls (Delilah curls) are enhanced by simple styling products.

We happen to know a pretty sensational line of creams that are simple, delicious, nourishing and suited to all curl types and textures. Delilah’s house-made curl creams bring out the very best in your perfect curly pixie cut.

Examples of Our Curly Pixie Cuts