Short Curly Bob Hairstyles

Do you see a short curly bob in your future?

At Delilah Hair Studio we don’t shy away from texture. Rather, we know exactly how to create a short curly bob that can instantly transform your look. Add shape and individuality to your hair by taking the plunge and chopping off a few inches. Having shorter hair doesn’t mean sacrificing on style. Plus, we’ve got the skills to help you find a cut you’ll fall in love with.

Why Go Short and Curly?

  • Going short is a super easy way to play with dimension and add a little flare to your curls
  • With no more long locks weighing them down, your curls will be rejuvenated and lighter, fluffier and bouncier than ever before
  • If you thought having shorter hair limits your options in terms of styling, you’d be very wrong. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to bobs! Choose from fringes, layers, asymmetric lengths and more
  • We all know curls can be a hassle to maintain and keeping them on the shorter side will make life a little easier and cut the time it takes to get ready in the morning

The Dry Cutting Technique

Our stylists are curl experts and know the best way to cut curly hair is with the dry cutting technique. Curly bob hairstyles require precise and careful styling, and working with your hair in its natural, dry state is the best way to achieve this. We want you to be able to style your hair easily at home – there’s no benefit to a haircut that only looks good on the day you get it done and then never again!

If we work with your hair when it’s dry there will be no surprises when you try to style it yourself later on. A curly bob can be tricky to get right, but that’s why we’re the best in the business when it comes to curly hair cutting and only use the best techniques, such as dry cutting, when working with curly hair.

Delilah – Experts in Curly Hair and Bob Cuts

Here at Delilah we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to get the best result possible. We want to know your hair on an intimate level – What’s its history? What products does it love? What products does it hate? Where does it naturally part? This is all invaluable info to have before we even think about touching it with our scissors.

To get the most out of your cut we’ll carry out a thorough consultation and consider you’re your previous hair adventures, what you want out of your cut and our expert knowledge on what can be achieved. We also know every curl is different and we’ll work with your natural curl pattern to get the look you’re after.

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Examples of Our Short Curly Bobs

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