Short Curly Hair

Delilah Hair Studio is Melbourne’s iconic curly hair specialist. And there’s nothing that sets our soul on fire like the chance to create a short curly hair masterpiece.

Short curly hair is packed with a distinct character and flare that’s practically begging to be shown off. At Delilah, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to short hair and short hairstyles. From bowl haircuts to pixie haircuts, asymmetrical hairstyles and cropped haircuts – there’s a perfect do made for you.

Most importantly, we’ll work our wonders to deliver a look that’ll leave you absolutely obsessed with your gorgeous short curly do.

Benefits of Short Curly Hairstyles

  • Since they’re not weighed down by length, short curls often hold their coil better. This means bulk volume, texture and bounce to embrace!
  • They are so damn fun to work with! Their playful length gives your stylist a unique opportunity to enhance shape and showcase your enviable ringlets.
  • Short hairstyles are incredibly diverse. You are never too young or too old to pull off a short haircut. Curly hair varies so much, from kinks to coils and ringlets. Your stylist will channel their experience into devising the ultimate chop that looks as though it was made for you.
  • We pride ourselves of the mastery of low-fuss short cuts. We’ll give your curls that wake-up-and-go energy that makes them an absolute dream to rock.

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The Dry Cutting Technique

Dry cutting has been revolutionary to curly hair styling. Particularly when it comes to finessing your shorter curls, a dry cut allows us to work in with your hair’s natural form. Your individual curl pattern will inform the right amount and placement of texture or bulk removal.

A dry cut is the secret to serving up a look that you can style with ease from home. That dreaded next day hair-regret is a thing of the past with Delilah. Our styling wonders will leave you looking fab for weeks – not just for a shiny after photo.

Delilah – Your Short Curly Hair Specialists

We might be experts at the hair styling game, but no one knows their own hair better than you. Got a cowlick you need to avoid? Know that your hair simply refuses to part in the middle? We want to hear it!

Our Delilah-ettes will conduct a deeply personal consult before embarking on your hair transformation. Designing the right short hairstyle for your unique curl type and having it planned out before we begin is the key our continued success.

We’ll look at the shape of your face and the texture of your hair to devise a short curly hairstyle that will be most flattering.

Examples of Our Short Curly Hairstyles

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