Curly Hair Cutting

Looking for experts in haircuts for curly hair? At Delilah Hair Studio, there’s a reason we’re regarded as Melbourne’s leading curly hairdressers. We’ve been raking our fingers through those twirling tangles for long enough to know that the standard wash, cut and blow dry won’t cut the mustard.

Approaching curls with scissors in hand is not for the feint hearted. Fortunately, Delilah is home to a team of experts who understand how to work with, rather than against, natural texture, shape and movement.

We’re the best in the game when it comes to the #intentionaltizz. We’re not afraid to worship volume, defining each curl into a glorious concoction of springs and spirals. Whether you’ve got afro, wavey, crimped or ringlet hair, we’ve itching for the opportunity to unleash its full potential.

There’s art to knowing where to reduce bulk and add texture, and the Delilah-ettes are curl cutting Picassos. How can we be so confident in our abilities to nail the curly hair cut every time? We couldn’t do it without our trusty dry cut.

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The Dry Cut

If you’ve got a set of curls on your hands, you’ll know that they’d struggle to pass as distant relatives when wet versus dry. While water lulls them into a perfectly coiled ringlet, they spring into unruly action once returned to their natural state.

The dry cut allows our stylists to work with your curls while in this natural placement. Here’s why you’ll love us for it:

  • Makes styling a breeze – since we’re shaping your hair as it’ll sit on the daily, you’ll receive a style that doesn’t vanish the second you sleep on it. Nailing the texture and shape means your haircut will grow out amazingly and keep its shape for far longer.
  • Enhances movement – we cut your curls as we see them, allowing us to curate your haircut to suit your type of curls. We can reduce bulk and add layers where it’s needed to seamlessly blend all your curls together.
  • It’s better for your hair – tugging at fragile hair when it’s wet can be the last thing it needs. A dry cut minimises damage to your hair, and you’ll lose less of those precious spirals during the cut

Types of Curly Hair Cuts

There is not curly hair cut we haven’t tried our hand at. For years Melbournians have been walking a diversity of curls through our doors. We adore each style, shape and length of curl, and have become adept at highly-personalised cuts.

At Delilah, we serve up the sickest curly bobs, shags, pixie cuts, fades, bangs – or even just a simple trim to keep you curls in check.

Examples of Our Curly Hair Cuts

woman wearing glasses with short curly hairwoman with curly hair smiling

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