Curl Defining Cream – Products for Curly Hair

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Wondering how you can use curl defining cream to add some oomph to that luscious head of curls? At Delilah Hair Studios we are curl obsessed. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to finesse the art of embracing the natural glamour of ringlets, waves and ‘fros to create effortlessly stunning looks.

The secret – simplicity!

You don’t need to bog your hair down with an armful of products to lock those spirals in place. All it takes is a dollop from one of our best curl defining products and you’ll be on your way to textured, head-turning locks.

Here are our top picks for curl defining creams.

Delilah Curl Defining Creams

The Delilah-ettes grew tired of curl defining creams that didn’t quite hit the mark – so we whipped up our own! Having nailed the dry-cut technique, we went in search of a ingredients that would bring your strands to life rather than smothering their flair.

We cut out the dodgies (we’re looking at you – silicones & sulphates) and leaned into moisture rich ingredients. Packed with essential oils, enriching sorbolene and detoxifying clays, we bring you the best curl defining products available on the market.

Drawing on years of experience in the frizz-styling game, our founder Adrian created a downright delicious concoction of indulgent creams. Not only do these bad-boys style, but they also replenish, smooth and nourish too!

Check out our three varieties below to find the perfect recipe for your locks.

Peppermint Cream

The Delilah Peppermint Cream is our most shine-inducing, smoothing blend. It’s packed with cacao butter; jojoba, olive and sunflower oils; and will have your tresses looking damn stunning. Did we mention this curl defining cream also smells

Sea Salt Cream

This salt infused cream snatches that fresh-off-the-beach look and tousles it through your mane in glorious, sand-free fashion. Enriched with shea butter and organic sea salt, this is the combo for volume and hydration that looks effortless. Plus, that grapefruit scent is positively intoxicating.


This one goes out to our short haired honeys. Our clay is one of the best curly hair products to add a little spunk to shorter styles. Beeswax and bentonite clay add texture and volume to transform a bad hair day into an absolutely fab hair day.

Dying to get your hands on one of these marvellous curl defining creams? Head to our website and add those puppies to your cart, or swing by our Brunswick salon and say hey!