Hair Bleaching

The platinum blonde look is just as hot as ever. So, if you’re after hair bleaching in the Brunswick area, you need to visit Delilah Hair Studio. We don’t just bleach your hair; we care for it by teaming your bleaching session with products like MUK to deliver a colouring that doesn’t only last longer but also leaves you with healthier hair.

Our studio has been providing dramatic blonde looks for over 30-years. When you mix passionate stylists with the latest in technology, you end up with a look that isn’t just hair-changing, but life-changing.

Bleaching is not the kind of thing you want to trust just anyone with. When done well, it looks incredible. If you don’t do it right, the results can be disastrous. We all have those horror high school stories involving home peroxide jobs, you’re too old for that now. Leave it to the professionals, leave it to Delilah Hair Studio.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

Hair bleaching is about more than just applying a colour, we offer the full range of services. Delilah Hair Studio can help you with:

  • Ladies’ Haircuts: We’ve been providing the ladies of Melbourne with bleaching services for over 30-years. No matter what colour you’re starting with, we know how to get you to where you want.
  • Men’s Haircuts: Bleached blonde hair is all the rage with males right now. Team it with a head-turning style, and you’ll make waves wherever you go.
  • Hair Colours: You don’t have to go all blonde. At Delilah, we celebrate those who dare to be different. Give us your chosen palette, and we’ll create it.
  • Hair Updos: A bleached updo is timelessly stylish. Whether it’s a wedding or a big event, we’ll make sure you end up with a style to suit the occasion.
  • Blow Wave: No client ever leaves our salon without perfectly styled hair, and sometimes a blow wave is just what’s needed. People travel from all over Melbourne for our celebrated blow wave techniques.
  • Hair Treatments: Bleaching and hair treatments used to exist in complete opposition. Not anymore, we make sure you leave with not only perfectly bleached hair, but with hair that looks and feels good, and stays that way. Whether you’re dealing with dry, frizzy or oily hair, we have the treatment for you.
  • Hair Highlights: Don’t leave highlights to just any old hairdresser. Get it right the first time for a flash of brilliance for all to see when you grace the streets of Melbourne.
  • Curly Hair Cutting: Put down your flashlight and call off the search – because you’ve just found your new curly hair specialist in Melbourne! We have over 30 years of experience taming all types of curls with our dry-cutting expertise and guarantee your locks will look more luscious than ever before after stepping through our curly hair salon doors.
  • Dry Hair Cutting: If you want the perfect hair styling experience, it might be time to consider dry cutting. The typical salon experience involves colour, wash, cut, blow wave. But there is another option—have your hair cut and styled while dry.

Why Choose Delilah Hair Studio?

You really want Delilah on your side when it comes to hair bleaching, and here’s why:

  • Years of experience. After 30-years in the industry, there’s no look we can’t create and no hair we can’t bleach. With the best products and the latest techniques, we create a classy and dynamic bleached look that you’re guaranteed to love.
  • The latest trends and styles. Do you know what our stylists do in their spare time? They research techniques, trends and technologies. We all love what we do, and that means you get the best possible styling experience when you visit our studio.
  • The salon your friends recommend. We craft a salon experience that is so much more than just a hairdresser visit. You’ll feel like you’re visiting friends, and you’ll feel comfortable enough to tell us exactly what you want.
  • A wide range of services. We can do it all, from hair dressing services to even wedding styles. Once you pick up the phone, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Stop thinking about getting your hair bleached, do it today! Book an appointment now or talk to our friendly staff by calling us on (03) 9387 6744.