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How to Get Gorgeous Beachy Curls at Home

How to Get Gorgeous Beachy Curls at Home

The wonder of beachy curls never disappoints. If you’re sitting on the beach, or lying in a hammock under a tree, we know the secret to make your curls shine.

In fact, Delilah knows how to show off ringlets, afros and waves in a super unique artform.

We know how precious those curly locks can be, so you never have to stress when you touch base with our team.

These days, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an A-lister, you can have your own beachy curls at home with these tricks.

Prep Your Hair

If you’re at home and getting jazzed up to go out, then you’ll need to spritz your hair.

A heat protective spray is all the difference when it comes to perfecting that beachy curl.

You’ll need to section it off into the top and bottom. Don’t forget to separate strands into the left and right to give you plenty of ease.

Delilah has become known for our dry cutting techniques. We know curly hair doesn’t behave when it’s wet, so why not book an appointment and let us check out your hair in its natural form?

Give It A Curl

For those of you with straight, luscious locks, you’ll have to carefully curl your hair.

If you want those bouncy, beautiful curls that will turn heads at the beach, then make sure you hold that curling iron upright and with the clamp facing forward.

We recommend curling one-to-two-inch sections of hair at a time, and then leaving the ends out so they can create a beachy wave.

Repeat on both side and remember to take all the time you need—beachy curls are well worth the wait.

The Final Touches

Once you have a head full of beachy curls, spray a flexible hairspray onto a brush and brush out those waves.

We know you may be running late for that all-important dinner party but slowly go through your curls with a brush to maximise the look.

Add a little bit of finishing cream to the ends of your locks. Don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror and take a selfie to show off your new look!

Use The Best Products

When it comes to hair care, no expense should be sparred! Spend your day at the beach with the Delilah Sea Salt Curl Cream.

If you’re looking to skip the dryness and sun exposure to your hair, then our beautifully handmade creams are perfect for all curl types.

Our product use Australian Sea Salt and Shea Butter to guarantee you’ll walk down the boulevard with those soft beachy curls.

It’s even a winner for people with curly hair because of its lightweight and eco-friendly offering.

Delilah recommends using this on clean and straight hair, with a small pea-sized drop while you’re blow-drying.

This cream features a recyclable glass jar and lid. We’re also proud to support projects that end family violence with every purchase.

Don’t forget, we offer free express shipping on all orders over $75. So why not shop online today?


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