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How To Get Shiny, Silky, Smooth Locks

How To Get Shiny, Silky, Smooth Locks

Have you tried every trick in the book to make your hair look and feel smoother and silkier? There are so many hair products out there these days. And they all claim to be able to give you perfect shiny, silky, smooth locks. However, many of them just don’t work at all or—even worse—turn your hair into a frizzy mess, or damage it further.

Luckily, with Delilah’s tried and true tips and tricks below, you’ll be on your way to having the silkiest locks on the street—you’ll be the envy of all across the land! Learn how to get shiny silky smooth locks.

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Choose Your Shampoo Carefully

Look, we’re all guilty of going on a quick dash to the supermarket and just buying the cheapest shampoo available. All shampoos have detergents that can strip colours and oils from your hair, but what you want is one that contains proteins to strengthen your hair afterwards. Usually, on the bottle, these products will say ‘damage repairing’.

Know How To Use Conditioner

There are so many tales going around about conditioner that it’s hard to know what’s true anymore. Should I be using it, should I not be using it? It’s a constant back and forth. Here’s the deal, if you want your hair to be silky and shiny, conditioner is your best friend.

Especially for those of you with curly hair—conditioner is the key to eliminating dry, split ends. Because of the way your hair strands take shape, the natural oils of your hair have difficulty working their way from your scalp to the ends of your hair, meaning curly hair is more prone to breakage.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

Blow drying, flat ironing or curling your hair regularly won’t damage it beyond repair, but it can dry your hair out and leave it looking a bit depleted. We always recommend protecting your hair against heat with protective products like a heat seal spray.

Hair Masks

Sleep is the key to any good beauty regime. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! To capitalise on this time, coat your hair in a luxurious and nourishing mask overnight. Of course, sleep with a towel over your pillow and pull your hair back so nothing gets ruined overnight. Then, in the morning, give your hair a good shampoo, skip the conditioner and your hair will be looking shinier and glossier than ever.

Washing Your Hair

It might seem like it defeats the purpose, but washing your hair every day can actually do it more harm than good. When you wash your hair, the products remove the natural oils. If you do it too often, it can leave your hair looking dry and frizzy. You’ll be better off washing your hair every two or three days so it can get benefit from all the natural oils and nutrients.

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Colouring your hair can do a lot to damage it if it’s not done properly. Especially if you’re moving towards a lighter tone, it can be difficult to maintain the strength and health of the hair. Luckily, at Delilah, we offer a fabulous, revolutionary new colour treatment product called BLONDPRO. BLONDPRO achieves incredible results whilst also mending any hair damage you may have.

This product can also be used as a valuable tool in the process of colour correcting. With BLONDPRO, we can remove old colour in one sitting without compromising the health of the hair. This is a game-changing product that we’re overjoyed to be working with!

Shiny, smooth and silky locks might not be so far out of reach with these easy tips! If you’re interested in using BLONDPRO, give us a call or book online today.

In the meantime, keep at it with those hair masks and protective spray. We’ll see you for your next visit. And remember, we’re always happy to help with one-on-one advice how to get shiny silky smooth locks.


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