Delilah Styling Creams

They say if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So, we did!

Introducing our handcrafted range of Delilah Styling Curl Creams. We’ve ditched the boggy, underwhelming formulas and whipped up an incredible range of creams rooted in simplicity. Our curly hair creams are created by salon owner MR.D. We use nothing but the highest quality, locally sourced Australian ingredients to elevate the natural movement of your hair.

These glorious concoctions can do it all, from effortless beachy waves to maximum matte expansion. Each of our three curl creams is uniquely formulated with a different curl in mind.

No one wants a twelve step curl styling regime. With a Delilah curly hair cream, just one dollop will inject your coils with that touch of effortless awe we all crave.

Choosing a Delilah Curl Cream

Stuck for which cream will hit the sweet spot with your curls? We’ve got you sorted, honey.

For reflective shine and sleek coils, our Peppermint curl cream is your dream companion. She’s rich in all those hydrating goodies, including cacao butter and jojoba, olive and sunflower oils.

Looking for those ‘fresh off the beach’ tresses, sans sand? Our Sea Salt curly hair cream has your back with a delicious combo of shea butter and organic sea salt to lock in moisture and bounce. And the scent? An intoxicating grapefruit that’ll have heads turning in even the softest breeze.

But if locked in layers and maximum texture is what you’re really craving, there’s only one answer. The Delilah clay hair cream is our pride and joy for short haired honeys seeking maximum matte spunk. An innovative blend of beeswax and bentonite clay will amplify any ‘do’ to another level of wow.