Original and Mineral Shampoo: A Match Made in Hair Heaven

Ready to give your hair the love it deserves? Delilah Hair Studio is proud to bring you the creme de la creme of hair care – O&M Shampoos! Made with the sass of Australia and the smarts of nature, these shampoos are the real deal.

Fine Intellect, Big Impact!

Got fine hair that’s more flop than fab? O&M’s Fine Intellect Shampoo is your new BFF! It’s like a pep talk for your hair – lifting, boosting, and cheering it on to be its fabulous self. Say goodbye to limp locks and hello to bounce!

Detox, Darling!

Pollution, product build-up, and life’s little stresses making your hair scream for a cleanse? The Original Detox Shampoo is your hair’s superhero, swooping in to save the day. With Kakadu Plum and Activated Charcoal, it’s like a detox juice cleanse… for your hair!

Maintain the Mane: Your Daily Hair Ritual

For the everyday diva, Maintain the Mane Shampoo is your go-to. It’s like the comforting bestie for your hair, keeping it hydrated, happy, and oh-so-soft. With Banksia, Red Spider Flower, and Kangaroo Paw Flower, it’s a botanical bonanza!

Bar of Brilliance: O&M Shampoo Bar

Eco-warriors, we’ve got you! O&M’s Shampoo Bars are sustainability with a side of sass. No plastic, just fantastic hair. They’re compact, they’re clever, and they care for your hair, as well as the planet. And, there are two to choose from: the Charcoal Shampoo Bar and the Hydrate Shampoo Bar.

Hydrate and Conquer: Quench That Thirst!

Thirsty hair? Quench it with O&M’s Hydrate and Conquer Shampoo. Packed with native Australian oils and minerals, it’s like a tall glass of water on a scorching summer day – but for your hair.

For the Blondes: Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo

Blondes, we haven’t forgotten you! Keep your blonde bombshell status with O&M’s Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo. It’s like sunglasses for your hair, keeping those brassy tones at bay and your blonde bright and beautiful.

Why Choose O&M?

  • Free from Nasties: No harsh chemicals here, just the goodness of Australian extracts and essential oils.
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly: Gentle yet effective, because your scalp deserves some love too!
  • Colour Safe: Keep your colour as vibrant as your personality.
  • Australian Made and Vegan: Like a cuddly koala, but for your hair.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful with O&M Shampoo

At Delilah Hair Studio, we believe in hair that makes a statement. O&M shampoos are more than just hair care; they’re a celebration of you! So, strut into our studio in Melbourne and let’s get your hair speaking volumes – literally!