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Say ‘see ya’ to damaged, brittle hair for good. Introducing K18 – the revolution in intense hair repair.

There is no strand of hair too far gone for the miracle work of K18 hair treatment. Its bioactive peptide based formula strengthens and reverses the damage of hair from the inside out. Even years of salon damage won’t stand a chance against the intense rejuvenation of a K18 hair treatment.

After just one use you’ll be clutching at visibly softer, smoother and bouncier locks. In four minutes, the nourishing leave-in mask will transform your hair from ‘bleh’ to ‘hell yeah’!

K18 hair treatment is our holy grail of healthy hair, and is the perfect remedy for damaged, coloured, fine, thick, curly, afro, wavy, straight or heat treated hair.

How it Works

K18 goes the extra mile in hair repair. It’s advanced peptide technology penetrates deeper into the hair than most healing treatments. The result is lasting repair to broken keratin chains, undoing the damage typically caused by bleach, colour, chemical services & heat.

K18 serves up all the goodness, without the hidden nasties. That’s right, not a silicone or sulphate in sight. And it’s completely vegan, colour-safe, and cruelty-free.

Delilah is home to the fan favourite K18 leave-in molecular repair hair mask. We offer the 50ml for permanently strong, glowing hair, or take it for a trial run with the travel-sized single dose formula.