Afro Hair Styles

Curly Afro
Curly Afro Hair
Blonde Afro
Blonde Afro Hair
Big Afro Hair Style
Big Afro Hair

If you have Afro hair, you are likely to have a completely unique and beautiful head of curls. Afro hair ranges in type from corkscrew-type curls to tight coils. Every beautiful kink and coil deserves love and at Delilah, we know how to cut, colour and style Afro hair to make it look its best.

Delilah are the best curly hairdressers in Melbourne. Our experienced stylists have been working with Afro hair for years, and we know that achieving that “effortless” style is not so effortless after all! But don’t worry – we have all the advice and info you need to make your Afro hair styles shine. Find out more about our three favourite styles of Afro hair.

Curly Afro

Curly Afro hair is the tightest of tight type of curl –and that is pretty tight! Think curls small enough to wrap around a pencil and in the shape of a lower case ‘s’, and you have your curly Afro hair.

Curly Afro hair is a totally user friendly curl that looks after itself! And than the tighter varieties are so gorgeous. If you have a good hydrating hair regime, you won’t experience as much breakage and dryness with curly Afro hair. However, you do need the right type of product and lots of love to gives the curly Afro hair style the bounce and volume it deserves!

Blonde Afro

There is something super cool about the blonde Afro – have you seen Solange Knowles?! However, this amazing look isn’t achieved without a bit of work. You need an experienced colourist when dyeing natural Afro hair, and it’s vital you’re using the right kind of products to make sure you’re not stripping away all your natural oils and texture.

If you’re ready to take the leap and go for the blonde Afro, speak to the team at Delilah today!

Big Afro

The big Afro is the stuff of hair legend. All the coolest Afro hair owners wear their hair in a big, bold Afro style. This type of hair features very tightly coiled strands. It has less definition that the curly Afro hair and will experience more shrinkage. So even if a big Afro doesn’t look that big, there’s a lot of hair in there!

Caring for big Afro hair requires plenty of oil and moisture. Essential oils are a must to hydrate and avoid dryness.

Examples of Our Afro Hair Styles