Big Afro

Look out! The beautifully bouncy big Afro hair is in town! There’s nothing more incredible than a big, bold Afro style. It’s a look that exudes confidence, class, and natural beauty. 

If you’re ready to go big, Delilah is here to help you get the amazing cut and style that you’re looking for.

Big Afro Cuts

Cutting big Afro hair requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Because this type of hair grows out, not down, it needs to be styled and cut in a certain way to ensure that amazing shape and movement is preserved.

At Delilah, we are the specialists in curly hair and we know how to handle an Afro – no matter how big it is! Tight Afro curls feature ‘z’ shaped strands of hair, with curls so tight it can be hard to define individual ones. 

This style of Afro also experiences the most ‘shrinkage’ of any type of hair. This means that when the hair is wet, it curls up far tighter than usual. Because of this, it is vital that big Afro cuts are always completed using the dry cutting technique. This allows us to keep that amazing volume and shape, working with the natural texture of the hair to get that big bounce! 

We recommend cutting a big Afro style every six to eight weeks to remove dry ends and tangles. Regular cuts are the best way to keep your Afro looking tight and fresh so that it’s the incredible head-turner it deserves to be!

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Big Afro Colour

Want to add a bit of zing to your Afro? You’ve come to the right place. Delilah stylists are the experts at colouring curly hair, and we know how to bring a pop of colour to your Afro without losing any of that natural movement and shine.

Whether you want some subtle highlights or you want to go all out with a blonde Afro look, we can help. We use colouring techniques that are specially designed for Afro hair, working with your texture and curl pattern to lock in colour that lasts longer and grows out seamlessly.

We only use products that we believe in, and the colour we use on Afro hair actually repairs and strengthens your hair while it works. So not only will your hair be an amazing new shade, it will also be stronger and healthier than ever before! 

Big Afro Care

Looking to keep your Afro hair hydrated and avoid breakage? We stock a range of products that are designed to enrich your hair with moisture and nutrients, so you can say goodbye dry and hello big Afro energy.

Pick up some O&M hair products, for curly queen care, and try out house-made natural-based  Delilah Curl Products to make all your styling dreams come true.

Examples of Our Big Afros