Blonde Afro

Okay Afro kings and queens, who’s ready to go blonde?

A blonde Afro is a look that is always going to turn heads. What could be more eye-catching than a head full of tight curls in brilliant, bright blonde? At Delilah, we know exactly how to create that stunning look, without comprising on the health of your hair.

Whether you’re ready to go blonde for the first time, or you’re looking for expert maintenance for your golden locks, we have the ideal techniques and care tips for you. As the specialists in curly hair dressing, we know exactly what is required to make blonde Afro hair pop.

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Blonde Afro Colour

Ready to take the plunge into blonde? Or wanting to brighten up your last colour job? All the stylists at Delilah are experts in colouring Afro hair and we know how to give you that amazing shade without losing your hair’s natural vibrancy.

We have developed special colouring methods designed especially for Afro hair. Our lived-in hair colouring techniques include freehand hair painting, balayage, foilage, and colour correction. We work with your natural curls to enhance the texture and depth of your Afro so that you keep that amazing bounce. 

Lived-in colour techniques also future-proof your colour, ensuring that it grows out seamlessly over a period of months! No awkward half-in-half-out phase here.

We use the best products on the market that actually care for your hair while providing vibrant colour. Blondpro is the amazing colour treatment that is proven to repair hair from within, strengthening your hair for less breakage. So not only will you have amazing blonde curls, they will also be the healthiest they have ever been! 

Blonde Afro Cuts

A fresh blonde Afro always looks amazing, but for the best in hair WOW factor, get a fresh cut as well. Removing the dry ends from your Afro hair will give it that extra oomph and prevent any tangles. At Delilah, we specialise in the dry cutting technique which ensures your hair keeps its amazing natural shape during and after your hair cut. 

Blonde Afro Care

That amazing blonde Afro needs a bit of TLC to look its best for longer. We have all the info you need for haircare, and we stock a range of amazing nutrient-rich products to boost your hydration and shine. 

Pick up some O&M hair products, especially the amazing Conquer Blonde which is designed to prevent blonde hair from turning dull. For styling that will enhance your texture and volume at the same time as giving your hair extra moisture, we make our own range of Delilah Curl Products.

Examples of Our Blonde Afros