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If you’re wondering about the science behind your curls, read on for an in-depth look at how texture, structure, proteins, and other factors play a role in your hair type.

The Protein Connection

The intricate curl patterns in your hair are deeply influenced by proteins, specifically keratin and trichohyalin. Keratin, a fibrous protein, is the primary structural component of hair, while trichohyalin protein plays a vital role in stabilising hair fibre. These proteins contribute to the curvature and texture of your hair strands.

Trichohyalin protein has a unique property that contributes to hair curliness. It binds to keratin and causes it to contract, giving the hair shaft a coiled structure. In curly hair, trichohyalin is particularly active, creating distinct curl patterns.

Our talented hairdressers at Delilah Hair Studio have a deep understanding of the role of trichohyalin protein in hair type and can provide expert advice on how to best care for your unique curls.

Curly Hair Bangs

The Role of Hair Follicle Shapes

Hair follicle shape is another key factor in determining hair type. The shape of your hair follicle, where hair growth occurs, influences the angle and direction of hair growth. Round follicles typically produce straight hair, while oval or elliptical follicles result in curly hair. The degree of follicle curvature corresponds to the tightness of the curl pattern.

Hair follicles are not uniformly oval in curly hair; they vary in shape and size along the hair shaft. This variation contributes to the unique texture and curl pattern of each individual’s hair.

At Delilah Hair Studio, we specialise in recognizing the different types of curls, from slight waves to Afro-textured hair, and provide personalised care to enhance your natural curl pattern.

The Biochemistry of Curly Hair

The biochemistry of curly hair is fascinating. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are linked together in chains to form keratin. The specific arrangement of these amino acids and the strength of the bonds between them directly influence hair texture.

Curly hair has a higher proportion of certain amino acids, such as cysteine, which forms strong disulfide bonds between keratin molecules. These bonds create a tightly coiled structure, giving hair its curly texture. Additionally, curly hair has a more irregular distribution of lipids (natural oils) along the hair shaft, which affects moisture retention and hair flexibility.

Genetics and Environmental Factors

Genetics play a significant role in determining hair type. Specific genes are responsible for the production of trichohyalin and keratin, as well as the shape of hair follicles. However, environmental factors, such as humidity, temperature, and hair care practices, can also impact hair texture and curl patterns.

Caring for Your Curls

Delilah Hair Studio’s dry-cutting technique is tailored for different curl types, ensuring that each strand is cut with precision to enhance your hair’s natural shape and texture. Our passionate experts are dedicated to helping you unleash the potential of your curls with minimal fuss.

To help you care for your curls at home, we offer our exclusive range of Delilah Curl Creams, formulated by owner MR.D. These creams, available in Clay, Peppermint, and Sea Salt variations, are designed to nourish, define, and control your curls. You can read about their benefits and order them from our online shop.

Why Choose Delilah Hair Studio

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