Curly Hair with Bangs

Thinkin’ ‘bout curly hair with bangs? If there’s one comeback we can get behind, it’s the spectacular return of bangs. They’re playful, versatile and the perfect companion for curly hair. Similar to layering, bangs bring some volume and texture to the crown of the head rather than letting all the fun drop below.

There’s something so magnetising about curls and bangs. But for some reason, many curly haired folk recoil at the suggestion of lopping in a face framing fringe. We’re here to prove that bangs and curls were born for one another – spirals, waves, frizz and all.

Be honest – we’ve all reached a point in our life where we’ve asked ourselves if bangs were the answer to our woes.

Well, this is sign that it’s finally time to take those curly bangs of your dreams for spin.

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Types of Curly Hair Bangs

There are so many ways to style bangs, and so many lengths you can choose from. With all these options on the table, leave it to our Delilah-ettes to nail a set of killer bangs that’ll have you wishing you’d taken the plunge sooner.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are a subtle, effortless look that are an absolute dream when paired with longer waves. The key to curl curtain bangs is keeping them long enough to allow for shrinkage. Of course, our dry cut is designed to take this very factor into account.

The added beauty of curtain bangs is that the complement every face shape. Longer wispy bangs will elongate a wider face, while shorter brow length strands will add some dimension into a longer face.

Curly Shag

Man, we love a curly shag do at Delilah. They’re one of the sickest trend evolutions we’ve witnessed, and we’re stoked to be leading the charge on the shag’s resurgence.

The curly shag mirrors a wavy 70’s inspired mullet and is born from the beautiful fusion of some curly bangs and dramatic short layering. This result is an iconic do that screams casual and powerful in one clean blow.

Full Fringe

Capture the texture and movement of your ringlets with a dramatic face framing fringe. Tight spirals or textured curls look incredible when styled into a front fringe.

Although cowlicks and natural hair parting can rule this out for some, in most cases the front fringe works in with your natural hair fall. We can throw in some choppy curls or go bold with a tizz of ringlets that are sure to steal the show.

Examples of Our Curly Hair with Bangs Styles

Curly Hair bangs
Curly Hair Bangs