Curly Bob

The curly bob is a timeless icon of the hairstyling game and it’s a look we will literally never tire of serving up. It allows so much freedom to work with texture and unleash the natural movement of your curls.

The curly bob is the embodiment of ‘woke up like this’ perfection. It’s those perfectly tousled waves that you catch yourself gazing after in envy.

At Delilah, we customise our bob cuts around your distinct style and texture. Strong shapes and phat bobs are our love language and we’re itching to share the love with your winding tresses.

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Curly Hair Bobs

Not only is this short spiralling number timeless – it’s wildly versatile. We can play with layering and length to customise shape and texture in fabulous form. We’ve got a gift for designing the right bob for your curl type.

  • Side parted bob – a knock out look for chin length curls, a side parted bob adds an edgy touch while maximising volume and shape.
  • A-line bob – an a-line style bob helps cut down on bulk at the back while maintaining length in the front in an easy-to-style look.
  • Stacked – a stacked bob is great for fine hair as it takes advantage of layers to create a dimensional do. It enhances movement of curls while reducing bulk.
  • Lob – the long bob, or lob, is an effortless way to style longer waves while keeping shape close to the jaw. If you aren’t keen on a dramatic short bob, this longer version is the perfect alternative.

Not sure which bob is going to work with your curls? No dramas, my dear – that’s the whole reason we dedicate a considerable amount of time to your pre-chop consult. Before we even pick up the scissors, we’ll embark on an exploration of your vision and how to work in with your unique hair movement.

Delilah’s Curly Bob Secret

As Melbourne’s own curly hair specialists, the team at Delilah has finessed the curly bob cut into a work of art. There’s a reason our game changing do’s never fail to impress. The perfect curly bob starts with a signature Delilah dry cut.

Dry cutting offers your stylist greater control throughout the hair experience. When your hair is cut in its naturally dry state, we can better design a haircut that suits your unique features. It also allows us to work in shape and texture in a way that wet hair simply can’t match.
But the real reason our clients love our Delilah dos, is because they’re made to last. We’ve concocted our very own in-house curl creams. Sold in salon, the creams allow you to pack up that salon-fresh look and take it home with you for everyday revival.

Examples of Our Curly Bobs
woman holding a blue mug with short curly hair