Curly Hair Fade

Delilah’s curly hair fades are where our two styling masteries collide in spectacular fashion.

On top of being dry-cutting extraordinaires, we make pretty mean barbers too. We’ll enhance the texture and volume of your curls up top before completing the look with an immaculate shave down the sides.

The prefect fade is the secret to letting those cropped curls shine. It’s one of the most timeless styling techniques and we’ll certainly never tire of clipping out a sleek new look.

As curly hair specialists, we’re convinced there’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a flawless fade. They work in with just about every hair texture, they’re low fuss to maintain, and can be customised to your desired look.

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Types of Curly Hair Fades

We’ve been serving up the smoothest fades in Melbourne for years now. We love the versatility they offer and have become something of a pro at fades across the board. Below are some of our specialties:

  • Taper fade – a subtle way to clean up the edges while keeping the bulk of the curl up top. A taper is a nice gateway into fades if your keen to keep some length down your sides.
  • Drop fade – this edgy number fades down behind the ear to follow the natural hairline towards the back of the head. It comes in somewhere on the scale between an afro and frohawk.
  • High fade – as the name suggests, the high fade keeps the volume up top, and trims right down from temples. It’s a sleek way to show off the curls while keeping maintenance almost non-existent on the sides.
  • Temple fade – nice and simple, this hint of a fade cuts the bulk from the temple region. It’s popular for keeping a decent amount of volume and looks pretty sick when paired with a curly mullet look.

If you’re not sure which fade is for you – don’t sweat it. We can suss out the most flattering fade to complement your face shape and hair texture.

Who is a Curly Hair Fade for?

The fade and curl combo is one of those enduring styles that will never tire. Its versatility is a gold mine for creativity, and here’s why:

  • Whether you have wiry kinks or silken waves, a fade works in seamlessly to enhance your natural texture.
  • A great hairstyle transcends gender, and a fresh fade is the shining example of that. They’re the key to nailing a cropped ‘fro, cheeky pixie cut or trendy mullet.
  • They cut out the chunk of maintenance that a full head of curls would typically demand. The higher your fade, the less hair you need to worry about looking after.
  • Since there’s less curls to deal with, styling is a breeze. A quick run through the top with product and you’ll be set for the day.

Examples of Our Curly Hair fades








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