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Cutting Hair in its Natural State: Why Dry-Cutting Might be the Best Thing for Your Hair

Cutting Hair in its Natural State: Why Dry-Cutting Might be the Best Thing for Your Hair

The art of hair cutting has evolved over the years, with different techniques ebbing and flowing, recycling and re-emerging throughout the decades. But there is definitely one constant that remains: with every year that passes, we discover and fine tune the best ways to cut hair—ways that are better suited to individual hair types. Dry-cutting is just one example of this process of refinement.

The best hairdressers in Melbourne are at Delilah Hair Studio (a beautiful hair salon on Lygon Street in Brunswick East), where we are all about the dry haircut!

Here are a just few reasons why a dry hair cut may be the best thing you ever have done to your precious hairs…


woman with a short haircutSay goodbye to a haircut that’s cut too short

When we cut hair in its natural, dry state, we reduce the chances of cutting off too much hair! Just think about this…when hair is wet, it is at least 2 centimetres longer when compared to dry. When wet hair is being combed, it can stretch to at least an inch longer than when it is dry! When you’re talking about a sharp, asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut, an inch can make or break your entire look!

Dry-cutting enables us as hairdressers to see exactly where your hair falls. We can cut a precise amount of hair off, according to your requirements or the needs of the particular hairstyle.

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Curly hair sits better with a dry haircut

When we cut curly hair dry, we can create lengths and texture in the haircut that are better suited to the individual curl. Cutting curly hair in its natural, dry state gives us a much better vision of where we are placing lengths and texture and detailing in your haircut. This paves the way for a much more personalised haircut for you!

There are many different types and textures of curly hair. Often times, when curly hair is wet it sits very uniformly. The problem with cutting curly hair while it is wet is that we have shifted the hair from its natural curl pattern to a much neater one. So, once the haircut has dried, the curl won’t sit as well as if it had been cut when dry.

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Have a better fringe with a dry-cut

How many of you have had a fringe cut too short or crooked? Once again, if your fringe is wet, it will not sitting in it’s natural pattern. Plus, it is likely to be at least 1cm longer! So, what happens when we dry it? Your fringe is way too short!

Cutting a fringe dry enables us to see cowlicks and other irregularities in your fringe and design our cutting accordingly. Also, dry-cutting a fringe allows us to cut it to the exact length required and not a single millimetre shorter!


woman with short blonde hair Dry-cutting is great for bulk removal without over thinning or ‘hacking’ the hair

If you have quite thick or coarse hair, a lot of hairdressers will try to remove bulk or weight without really paying attention to where it is being removed from. If bulk hair removal is performed while the hair is wet, it can’t possibly be tailored to the haircut. As a result, when the hair dries, you can end up with a haircut that looks quite ‘hacked at’ or unruly.

Dry-cutting allows us to personalise weight removal in your hair. Is there a section of hair on the head that needs more bulk removed than another? How close to the roots should we go? Can we combine the texturising and detailing with the weight removal? All of these questions can only be answered through cutting the hair in its natural state, which is dry!

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Get better texture and layers in your haircut with a dry-cut

The right amount of texture and layering in your haircut is key to the end result. With dry-cutting, we can give you massive amounts of texture and layers personalised to your hair type and hair style. Let’s face it, not everyone wants large amounts of layering in their haircut; that’s why dry-cutting is the answer! Dry-cutting is all about having just the right amount of everything so that we can create the perfect balance in your hairstyle.

How short can we cut the shaping of hair around your face? How close to the eyebrow can we cut your hair before it springs up? How short can we cut your layers at the crown?

You should know the answer to all these questions by now: with an expert dry-cut at Delilah!

You can BOOK ONLINE with one of our amazing stylists or give us a call on 9387 6744.


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