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Mullets, Shags & Shag-mullets! The haircuts of now

Mullets, Shags & Shag-mullets! The haircuts of now

Ever heard of shag-mullets? You’re in for treat!

We are Delilah. A chop heavy salon in the fashionable heart of Brunswick East in Melbourne’s North. We have been calling Lygon St our home for 15 years.

Haircuts are our thing. So, I wanted to do a little summary of the 2 biggest haircuts of the moment, and how they come together! Introducing the mullet, the shag, and shag-mullets!!!

Let’s face it, these 2 haircuts have been well and truly alive for decades. Everyone has heard of the 70s shag. Conjuring an image of the 80s shag, the 90s shag and even the 2000s shag may be a little more difficult. But, trust us, they definitely existed! Every so often, they change and evolve, enjoying their time in the spotlight once again.

Think Sharpies, Farrah Fawcett and Courtney Love. You may not think these 3 names have anything in common but think again! They all had a version of these haircuts suited to their time. The shag haircut, the mullet haircut and the love child of the 2: the shag-mullet haircut.

The 2 main differences between the mullet haircut and then shag haircut are:

THE MULLET – Business at the front and party at the back.

THE SHAG – All party!

Let’s talk about the mullet haircut first.


Mullets have been around for decades. They truly have survived the test of time! They have had their place in all sorts of demographics of humans, from the Sharpies, to the 80s cool kids. Now, they’re the haircut of choice for the inner-city chic hipster kid.

The mullet haircut is business at the front (meaning a short and sharp  front) and party at the back (meaning long and luscious with a mostly big drop of hair flowing past your shoulders).

There are so many ways to cut a mullet, and so many variations. Razor cutting a mullet will give you lots of cool texture and create beautiful tassels in the hair. Clipper cutting a mullet will give you sharpness and definition at the front of your haircut whilst creating a striking disconnection at the back and dry-cutting a mullet is specific to cutting a curly mullet.


The shag haircut has truly stood the test of time. The shaggy doo’s of the 70s and 80s were choppy and texture focused. The next 2 decades saw it hit a more commercial and smooth vibe with the rise of straightening irons and hot wands. Now, well into the 2000s, it has rushed screaming back to choppy and natural. It has become the favourite and go-to haircut for dry-cutters and curly hair specialists around the world.

The shag haircut is the balance between length and short layers, and a shag is not a shag without a killer bang! Bravely residing on or above the eyebrow. And tucked behind the ear, a proper shag will have cute little ‘money pieces’ that will appear and frame the side of the face.

The shag haircut truly transcends our hairdressing tools. They can be razor cut, scissor cut or dry-cut, each method creating sometimes subtle differences in style. 


Drumroll please… Introducing the birth child of the mullet and the shag. The shag-mullet haircut!

Shag-mullets take the elements that we love from both the mullet and the shag haircuts and blending them into another haircut! The shag mullet keeps a bit of length at the top (not going so short with the layers at the top of the head and keeping less disconnection in the haircut). The back can be either really long, or just slightly longer, to create a more casual look.

Shag-mullets works so brilliantly on curly hair. The volume you can achieve with the dry-cut layers and the curly bangs really frame the face, while the length at the back gives definition and stops the curly haircut looking like a ball!

The shag-mullet truly is the best haircut for those wanting something fun, long lasting and voluminous, without wanting to commit to the drama of the mullet alone or are after that next step haircut after having a shag.


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