The Best 3 Styling Products For Your Curly Hair!

The Best 3 Styling Products For Your Curly Hair!

I want to talk about the 3 best styling products to make your curls as luscious as possible. But first, let me introduce myself. I am Adrian, the owner of Delilah Hair Studio in the fabulous suburb of Brunswick East in Melbourne. We specialize in dry-cutting curly hair and giving our people the best possible curl-care with our fabulous and extremely popular Delilah Styling Creams that’s we make in-house and sell at our studio. We also run Dry-haircutting and curl education for hairdressers all over Australia to show them the best way to cut curly hair!

As you all know, finding the right styling product for your curly hair can be a challenge and a real pain in the neck, as there are so many brands out there with quite a few different claims! Should you use a gel? A cream? A mousse? Let me make this EASY for you…

Here I will discuss 3 different types of styling products for 3 different types of curly/wavy hair.

Delilah Peppermint Cream – Ultra frizzy, coarse textured curl.

This is our number 1 hero product. Fragranced with essential oil of peppermint on a sour Elena base, this powerful product is enriched with cacao butter, jojoba and olive oils. This rich and thick cream will give you the best control and definition for your curls. Applied to damp hair, making sure you add an even amount (about a 20 cent coin in total) you can use a wide tooth comb to spread the product through or just use your hands. Next you can twist in to locks, or as I prefer, just let your hair naturally do its thing. This fab cream can be air-dried or diffuse-dried in to your curls for a smooth and defined frizz-free result! I call this our hero product because it manages to eliminate frizz while not removing the personality from your luscious locks.

Delilah Sea Salt Cream – Medium to fine textured curl.

Again as one of our biggest sellers, our light and zesty salt cream is fragranced with essential oils of pink grapefruit and lime to freshen up your senses. A good dollop of shea butter and a little sprinkle of organic sea salt will hydrate and volumise your curls while not drying them out for a look that replicates a great day at the beach! Add a good 20 cent coin full to damp hair and leave to dry naturally (just like your at the beach!) or diffuse dry in for a terrifically tame but tousled look.

Delilah Clay – Short curly hair.

Our wonderful Delilah clay will zjoosh up any short and curly hairstyle and give it that pump of texture and taming that it so desperately needs. Fragranced with cedar wood and cinnamon essential oils, let this clay infused beeswax and sorbelene cream spice up your curls. A rich and thick clay cream is essential for terrific texture that tames frizz, and it was a real gap in the market so I am incredibly proud of this one that we have developed. Apply to damp hair or dry hair for something really extra for your curls! It can also be used on longer curls to pack a matte-finish punch.

I guarantee that you will absolutely love our hand-made Delilah Creams so drop in to our studio in Brunswick East today and grab one!


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