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The Emergence of Dry Haircutting and 5 Reasons Why It’s Better

The Emergence of Dry Haircutting and 5 Reasons Why It’s Better

At Delilah Hair Studio, we aim to give you the best hairdressing experience in Melbourne. At our salon on Lygon St in Brunswick East we specialise and continuously educate ourselves in dry haircutting techniques. We truly believe in bringing the best and most suitable haircuts to you.

Dry haircutting, for many reasons, is an under-utilised part of hair design, but in our eyes, on many occasions, it is far superior to the traditional, wet-to-dry haircut techniques. Here’s why…

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1. Dry Haircutting is Better for Curly Hair

Creating shape in curly hair is the holy grail of hairdressing. Unfortunately, a lot of claims about being a specialist curly hairdresser in Melbourne has led some of my unwitting spirally friends into the hands of the inexperienced. I have been a lover of curly, wavy hair for decades. It has taken me this long to understand its behaviour, which has led me to dry haircuts for curly hair.

Dry cutting curly hair is better because you can create shape as you are going along. Because curly hair springs up as it dries, you eliminate the chances of cutting too much hair if you cut it in its natural dry state. Dry cutting also helps create good architecture and foundation in curly hair.


2. Dry Haircutting is Better for Texture

There is nothing better than designing texture, as opposed to adding definition blindly to a wet mass of hair. Dry hair cutting is a great way of adding texture to hair and placing it in the specific areas that need it. The only way to do this is to cut hair in its naturally dry state.

Also, when hair is dry, it gives a better vision of where the removal of  bulk needs to be from so the texturising of the hair can go hand in hand with the removal of weight. Doing it this way eliminates the chances of over-thinning the hair, leaving it a flat, thin mess.

3. Dry Haircutting is Better for Shape

Cutting hair in its natural state as opposed to the traditional wet-to-dry techniques gives a much better chance of a unique and terrific shape. Say you are wanting a textured bob. If the hair is in its natural dry fall while it is being cut, then that’s the way its going to sit when you take the haircut home and wash it yourself.

There is  nothing worse than leaving the salon with amazing looking hair, only to wash and style it yourself at home and not be able to manage or duplicate your style. You want great hair for the full 6-8 weeks,  not just a few hours after leaving the salon.

4. Dry Haircutting is Better for Hair Behaviour

Dry cutting hair enables the hairdresser to eliminate problem areas in your hair. Not enough texture here, too much bulk there or uneven weight distribution in your hair. Dry cutting is a great way to see a problem or a challenge in someones hair in real life and eliminate it as you see it. Dry cutting s about correcting challenges in the hair and adding shape and style. Not just for a few hours but for the whole life of the haircut!

An example would be very curly hair on top of the head and not so curly on the underneath. Dry haircutting enables the hairdresser to visually correct and adjust these types of issues so the wearer is faced with less of a challenge when styling at home.

5. Dry Haircutting is Better for Uniqueness

Having your hair dry cut breaks you out of there cookie cutter told with fashion. Instead of a paint-by-numbers approach to your haircut, dry haircutting is the perfect way to have a haircut that is designed specifically for your hair texture and type. This leaves you with a unique style that was made for you!

Sometimes, the traditional wet-to-dry haircut can leave you with an over-structured shape in your hair that looks like it doesn’t belong there. Dry haircutting is the perfect technique for those who want an individual style.

Come and visit us at our light and spacious hairdressing salon on Lygon St on Brunswick east, Melbourne for your very own dry haircut!

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